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VTB Bank Allocates Computing Resources In De Novo Commercial Datacenter

VTB Bank is one of the most dynamic businesses in the Ukrainian banking sector. In the last 6 years the banks assets’ growth allowed it to ascend 46 places in the ranks, with it now occupying 11th place in National Bank of Ukraine bank rating, while it’s statutory capital is 8th among the banks operating in Ukraine as of July 1, 2013. Today VTB bank has 125 points of sale and 9 consultation centers in all regions of the country.

VTB’s georgaphically wide structure and rapid growth bring forward some challenging requirements to the bank’s IT department and to the datacenter infrastructure in particular. The latter has to comply with the business ambitious goals for the upcoming 3-5 years in terms of housing space, power supply and heat management.

“The challenge is in predicting and planning of just how much computing resources the bank will need in 5 years, and it’s a difficult task – explains Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO. That is why the companies are forced to invest in costly datacenters with a huge resources capacity, which may or may not be needed depending on changes in IT landscape or the country’s economic situation. As a result, the companies building their own DCs are sometimes literally digging in millions of grivnyas”.

In a situation when company needs to ensure upgradeable IT capabilities available fast, there’s more than one option.  The alternative to building the company’s own datacenter is the datacenter outsourcing.

“The main reason for choosing De Novo datacenter is that it is a time-proven solution, – VTB’s Head of IT department Alexey Yegorov comments on the beginning of the partnership. De Novo Datacenter functions continuously without missing a heartbeat since it was launched, and we’re confident with putting our computing infrastructure in it”.

De Novo Commercial Datacenter was launched November, 2010. Today De Novo is the largest datacenter resources provider to banks such as Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Pravex Bank, Ukrsotsbank, UniCredit Bank, Piraeus Bank and many others. De Novo Datacenter complies with TIA 942 standards on TIER III level, with the key components of its engineering infrastructure complying with TIER IV.

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