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VMware is proud to reward De Novo for virtualization technology implementation achievements

Computing virtualization was the cornerstone of the De Novo key activities since the official company foundation 2 years ago. While the industrial use of this technology at Ukrainian companies was quite rare, the De Novo team had already gained a deep expertise in its practical application. Critical point towards the wider virtualization implementation in the company’s products portfolio was the launch of the “De Novo Laboratory” Research Center worth more than 5 million hrn in February, 2009.This center has become a training platform for the De Novo system architects experts, which enabled to practically assess the effect and calculate the virtualization introduction benefits, provide customers with their future IT infrastructure landscape.

“Virtualization concerns practically all De Novo infrastructure products in a varying degree”, explains Gennadiy Karpov, De Novo Chief Information Officer, “And in this area, we primarily rely on the VMware products, a company which is the pioneer and the largest virtualization solutions developer.”

Today the De Novo products portfolio includes its own developments based on the VMware solutions along with the Off-the-shelf services similar to the VMWare. Among these products, the «Red Button» appears to be the most popular, designed to provide the virtual infrastructure disastr recovery. Today the «Red Button» is already actively applied by the few large banks, such as INDEX-BANK.

In its subsequent work De Novo plans to launch the whole range of other virtually based “cloud” services in th near future.

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