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Ukrainian cloud providers gained doubled trust

Ukrainians show stable dynamics of cloud awareness growth. This year 79% of CIOs interviewed within the research estimated their knowledge of cloud solutions as good and excellent, while this index didn’t exceed 61% and 45% in 2014 and 2013, respectively.  Most respondents (70%) consider cloud technologies being of strategic importance for business development thus modifying decision process on cloud usage. Last year IT departments were the primary decision makers on cloud services usage (56%), whereas now financial services and other business departments get involved (52%).

Availability growth (50%), cost reduction (48%) and resources scalability (44%) are among the cloud benefits the users especially appreciate. 39% of interviewees rent cloud resources and 36% prefer hybrid infrastructure and use both rented cloud resources and private clouds. Minority (25%) works with own cloud infrastructures exclusively.

Growing trust to Ukrainian cloud provides is a worth mentioning trend; while the attitude towards several foreign suppliers shows negative dynamics.

“De Novo Cloud leads in trust growth rates. And it was predictable that we’ll outscore Amazon in the competition for the trust of Ukrainian business users. We work on enhancement of data security tools permanently and offer new solutions to the task. And this very criterion is crucial for Ukrainians when they choose a cloud provider“, Maxim Ageyev, CEO of De Novo, comments on survey results.

“Crimea annexation and Donbass war stimulated consumer interest in cloud services whereas hryvnya devaluation provokes search for affordable local alternatives in view of increased costs for foreign cloud offerings. This resulted in 47% market growth up to $ 8,5 billion. No doubt, the market is more mature now and enters a new stage of development. And the market maturation is contributed by changing customer consciousness, higher awareness of cloud benefits as well as growing need to speed up projects and ensure their scalability and agility”, notes Vladimir Pozdnyakov, IDC Regional Manager (Ukraine).

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