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Security of De Novo cloud services is ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 International Standard lays down requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) inside a company. An ISMS enables any company to consistently manage risks and ensure that information resources are confidential, intact, and available.

Implementation of ISMS is a complicated and lengthy process affecting all the aspects of company’s operation. De Novo started to prepare for having a certification audit in the middle of 2016. Current ISMS processes were made fully compliant with requirements of the Standard, which had required to introduce corrections virtually in company’s all core business processes. As a result, this spring the company has successfully been audited and certified for compliance with ISO 27001. It has been audited by an international company. The certificate is recognized in all the countries of the world.

Security of cloud services is achieved through a broad range of ongoing organizational and technical measures”, Gennadiy Karpov, De Novo’s CTO, explains. “The fact that we have been certified for compliance with ISO 27001 is an acknowledgement from an independent and credible international organization that the range of measures has been implemented properly and fully in De Novo. The certificate paves the way to De Novo Cloud for organizations that need an independent acknowledgement of high security due to regulatory requirements or corporate policies”.

“De Novo’s strategy aimed at setting up the most reliable and safest cloud services possible has seen a logical progression”, Maxim Ageyev, Director General of De Novo added. “Remember that in the middle of 2016 we were given a certificate saying that our G-Cloud service complies with ISMS requirements. For the time being, De Novo Cloud is the only service of the kind in Ukraine which has both Ukrainian and international certificates. We are able to cater for the public sector as well as major international companies in equally full compliance with information security requirements”.

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