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De Novo Cloud grows 300% and gets extended services catalogue

The shift to a new technology stack and the resources scale-up were made to meet the growing demand manifested by De Novo existing and new customers, and are in fact a part of a company’s cloud business development strategy for 2012—2016.

“The development of De Novo Cloud is driven by the simple principle – we must be ahead of our customers` expectations. De Novo Cloud clients are not just getting the service they pay for, they’re in what we call the Territory of Customer’s Excitement. Our survey shows that each and every company using De Novo cloud services evaluates these services as a highly effective solution for their business needs. Almost half (46%) of our customers say virtual machines performance exceeds their expectations. The new VMWare vCloud 5.1 technology stack allows us to improve the services in two areas our clients were only marginally satisfied with. First of all, the new stack expands the possibilities of managing the network landscapes; the other big improvement is the improved usability and increased comfort of virtual datacenters administration”, says Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO.

The fresh-built stack creates the new Platinum service class which guarantees 100% backup of all the resources in client’s virtual datacenter, and opens unlimited resource distribution options between virtual machines. Platinum class also allows for launching various x-86 hypervisors, which makes the De Novo Cloud a perfect platform for virtualization pilot projects and VDI. Apart from that, the limits on virtual machines configuration have doubled – now De Novo Cloud supports VMs with up to 16 CPU, 128 GB RAM, and 8 TB HDD.

“We always talk and listen to our Cloud customers, and the shift to the new stack is a result of that dialogue. The network concept of the Cloud has been revised radically. Now clients can implement on their own any network topology, use load balancer and extended functionality of NAT and firewall, as well as use the familiar Cisco ASA solution to protect the perimeter. The other good news for customers’ IT teams is the improved usability of VM admin: the snapshots are here, the storage tiers service is significantly simplified, and you can change the type, the size or the number of discs at any time without turning the VM off”, adds Hennadiy Karpov, De Novo CTO, clearly excited about the new features of De Novo Cloud.

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