Kyiv: _+38_ (044)_ 200_-93_-39_ Goes to De Novo Cloud is an online tendering site with clear ground rules and smooth experience for users from both sides. A specialization like this demands high accessibility and performance scores from the site’s IT infrastructure. Both are achieved in De Novo Cloud, while at the same time keeping the TCO significantly lower than that of traditional approach.

Until recently, IT-related businesses had to build their own IT infrastructures. Big enterprises faced serious investments, and small and mid-size companies were forced to compromise, risking the reliable functioning of critical business processes.

This situation started to change with the arrival of cloud computing.

“Due to private clouds the task of building a disaster-proof infrastructure got easier, but the enterprise class reliability was still a high-priced option, – comments Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO. The launch of De Novo Cloud was the turning point which opened a whole new world of infrastructure opportunities to small and mid-sized businesses. Our cloud-based services reduce the cost of owning a highly accessible enterprise-class IT infrastructure by tens or even hundreds of times, and spare the capital investments in building own full-fledged datacenter”.

Along with dozens of other companies, took advantage of this opportunity.

“We’re professionals in online tendering and trading, not in IT infrastructures. This is why delegating this complex task to the respective professionals was the right thing to do, – says Tatyana Taranets, PM. By using the De Novo Cloud we’re guaranteeing sensitive data safety and trouble free experience to all of our users”.

A quick reminder, a customer satisfaction survey conducted by De Novo shows that De Novo Cloud has 87% of its customers satisfied, and exceeds expectations of 13% of the customers.


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