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Disaster Recovery as a Service – Brand New Offer in De Novo Cloud

Building a disaster-proof IT infrastructure is a complex, time and resource consuming task, and keeping a backup datacenter ready for action 24/7 adds significantly to operational expenses. Until now, disaster recovery of IT services was something only big enterprises could fit in their charts. Without sufficient financial and technical resources, middle and small-sized companies were forced to take the risks.

Bringing Disaster Recovery as a Service to market drastically changes the country’s IT services landscape. Today continuity tasks can be solved fast, without the need to invest in hardware and software, as De Novo Cloud now works as a backup datacenter. A cloud-based backup datacenter consumes minimal resources in standby mode, firing on all cylinders only when it’s needed. This feature wins DRaaS additional points from operational expenses perspective. What’s more, DRaaS can be safely test activated in cloud-based backup DC with no effect on the customer’s datacenter.

De Novo Cloud offers DRaaS as two complementary options. First one is designed to protect a relatively small number of business critical applications functioning on physical or virtual servers, while the second one is aimed at full-scale virtual infrastructures with tens and hundreds virtual machines.

«De Novo DRaaS offer is a great tool for mid-sized and small companies looking for a business continuity solution. It hits a perfect spot between potential risks of main datacenter failure and the high costs of bringing it back online. Also, our services have an undisputed technical advantage over using cloud-based backup DCs in other countries – we’re much closer to our clients in terms of geography and network, and this makes for an effective data replication between the customers’ DCs and the cloud», explains Hennadiy Karpov, De Novo CTO.

Disaster Recovery as a Service from De Novo is available for test and deployment starting September, 1, 2013, for all existing and potential De Novo Cloud customers.

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