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De Novo to Launch G-Cloud — the First Secure Ukrainian Cloud for Government

G-Cloud is safe and secure due to high level of failure tolerance and protection against external threats.G-Cloud is safe and secure due to high level of failure tolerance and protection against external threats. The Cloud provides for IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) with architecture meeting the standards of enterprise-class cloud systems. G-Cloud equipment is located in De Novo Data Center that complies the Tier 3+ level of reliability and serves leading Ukrainian banks. Thus G-Cloud computing resources are targeted for high load complexes and business critical IT-systems of the government bodies.

G-Cloud certification required the creation of new methodology to assess cloud infrastructures pursuant to the national standards for Complex Data Protection Systems (CDPS). G-Cloud launch and CDPS certification opens new growth opportunities for the local cloud market and eases the following certification for Ukrainian cloud providers.

“Years of De Novo design and creation expertise in cloud infrastructures as well as successful cooperation with public sector allowed us to build G-Cloud and perfectly meet specific government IT-tasks and requirements. The new Cloud guarantees high availability of the resources and data protection with certification under the due national standards. Therefore we are ready to provide safe and reliable platform for the e-government and other public IT-projects”, De Novo CEO Maxim Ageyev comments on key advantages of the new Cloud.

Within the last two years De Novo Cloud has served IT-projects of State Agency for E-Government of Ukraine, Ministry for Economic Development and Trade, Odes’ka Regional State Administration, Lviv Municipal Councial, Kyiv Metro and Ukrpyrt State Enterprise and other government authorities.

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