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De Novo to extend technical assistance in Ukraine

This March De Novo has offered a support program for existing government information technology systems including strategies for exploiting more cost effective and flexible cloud computing. To support this initiative De Novo will subsidize a majority the proposed project’s cost in 2014.

To facilitate the agile modernization of Ukraine and national development De Novo management decided to extend the assistance program the company announced in March. From the 1st of June and by the end of 2014 the easy terms are applicable for the customers below.

  • Government authorities
  • Universities and higher schools
  • Scientific institutes and centers, research groups
  • National software developers*

The program consists of four parts:

  1. Employment of De Novo Cloud computing resources** with 80% discount till the end of 2014 as a rapid and effective means to provide secure infrastructure for a wide range of applications and IT services. Implementing Cloud technologies at De Novo will improve the flexibility and resiliency of IT applications;
  2. Hosting of government computing resources at De Novo datacenter with 80% discount till the end of 2014. This step would guarantee  government IT systems continuity without the need for engineering and building a dedicated datacenter;
  3. Audit of existing IT infrastructure, with the recommendations on optimization and road map towards more cost effective and flexible technology. The objective would be to upgrade many obsolete IT systems and improve the effectiveness through the adoption of cloud technologies using proven methodology and project tools. The cost of this activity will not exceed 40 000 UAH for the largest facility;
  4. De Novo will offer no cost training and workshop sessions for IT departments and operating personnel on the creation and benefits of cloud infrastructures.

Maxim Ageyev, CEO of De Novo comments: «We aim to support the teams and entities contributing the most to the national growth and transformation of Ukraine to a modern European country. As Ukrainian business we give aid within our financial abilities and subsidize the major cost within the program. I’d take our efforts as effective, if De Novo program helps the one development project or improves operating processes for the one organization at least».

This offer is valid upon the publishing of this press release on until December, 31, 2014.

* The program excludes outsourcing software developers.
** Reduced rates don’t cover Microsoft software rent, Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS).

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