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De Novo to Announce 2 new Clouds and Managed Services Business

In the course of the technological workshop held in cooperation with Cisco the attendees learned the latest cloud trends, fresh cloud cases from Ukrainian businesses and witnessed 3 cloud announcements made by De Novo.


Thus, De Novo experts announced secure G-Cloud for government entities and national cloud for Ukrainian entrepreneurs SuperNovo providing highly reliable computing resources for numerous local businesses. De Novo also promised the launch of new business unit Managed Services and demonstrated its services – RemoteDesktop-as-a-Service (RDaaS) and Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS).

“This year the workshop agenda is richer than usual. Based on our systematic analysis of IT market dynamics and consume trends we identify new niches and design services to satisfy the changing demand. De Novo mission grounds on our perspective offerings – Monitoring-as-a-Service, remote desktops, SuperNovo and G-Cloud, as our DC and Clouds as well as new cloud services enable us to create reliable computing infrastructure for Ukraine”, De Novo CEO Maxim Ageyev explains.

Apart from new De Novo services the workshop audience heard about practical aspects of cloud usage presented by top-managers and senior specialists of Cisco, QSS, DTEK-Serice and AVANGARD BANK. The representatives from national e-purchasing platform ProZorro and government-owned enterprise Ukrspirt shared cloud implementation and usage stories in the public sector. Moreover, the guests improved virtual environments management skills in the Cloud Lab.

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