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De Novo is the first business partner of DataCore in CIS, the global leader in the storage infrastructure virtualization

Possessing the highest expertise in server virtualization and the only proven expertise in virtualization of business-critical applications in CIS, De Novo extends storage infrastructure virtualization product range and starts cooperation with DataCore, the leader in software virtualization of data storage systems based on storage hypervisor technology.

De Novo and DataCore cooperation offers innovative technology to companies to reduce costs of storage, one of the most expensive articles in IT budgets of enterprises. De Novo and DataCore solutions, based on virtualization technology, cut about 60% from expenditures for storage systems maintenance and modernization.

Meeting all the vendor qualification requirements De Novo experts are the first in CIS to receive the status of DaraCore business partner. Today De Novo is the only company in CIS that can significantly extend the capabilities of corporate storage infrastructures with innovative technologies. DataCore data storage system hypervisor enables virtualization of heterogeneous storage systems, regardless of the hardware manufacturer and its generation.

“We give our customers the opportunity to realize their potential and utilize the storage infrastructure technical assets to the highest possible extent. With regard for the avalanche growth of the information amounts cost-effective storage utilization is more than important. According to the DataCore evaluation, the data storage system virtualization reduces the cost of storage infrastructure ownership up to 60%. This technology brings up IT infrastructure to a new level of technological completeness, as well as gives a second life to outdated storage systems, allowing to prolong their operation for a few years” – says Denis Emelyanenko, Head of De Novo IT-Infrastructure Department.

“Many local companies have already received huge economic effect from the server virtualization, reducing the number of hardware required. Cooperation with DataCore allows us to enjoy the successful case once more, this time applying virtualization benefits to the storage systems. The total virtualization of the IT infrastructure is a necessary step in the cloud transition. Businesses exploiting cloud models get agility under existing conditions of economic turbulence”Gennadiy Karpov, De Novo Chief Information Officer, comments the start of the cooperation.

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