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De Novo introduced industry-specific solutions based on Oracle e-Business Suite

Developed prototypes of industry vertical solutions currently meet the requirements of Ukrainian companies that are working in the field of logistics and distribution, enterprises of manufacturing and financial industry, as well as other industries. Agro-industry solution prototype development is at the final stage.

Prototypes are designed to demonstrate product features that enable to apply best international practices in order to improve business performance. De Novo experts will use corresponding prototypes for product presentations and customer training, furthermore these prototypes can also be applied as a completed solution in projects aimed to reduce system integration cycle and improve the overall project effectiveness.

Provided solutions are adapted to the Ukrainian business realities. For example, in terms of human resources management, prototypes meet the specific Ukrainian legislation standards, including the legal requirements of human resources accounting, employees’ daily performance administration, salary calculation and payment accounting, tax charges and basic reporting.

Currently De Novo is at the final stage of an internal project implementation aimed to develop VAT and income tax accounting on the basis of Oracle e-Business Suite financial modules. The release of the VAT and income tax accounting project is scheduled on November 30th, 2010. The project implies best practices of Oracle standard Ukrainian localization and introduces a number of De Novo improvements that simplify tax reporting in a large volume of inbound and outbound tax bills. The project aims to significantly reduce labour costs by creating accountability and improve tax accounting accuracy. Implemented solution will also minimize the possible penalties.

The project will also provide facilities that ensure system rapid response to tax legislation changes and will also enable to implement required modifications without the need of software improvement.

In the future perspective De Novo is planning to meet basic requirements of Ukrainian legislation standards within Oracle e-Business Suite implementation services.

«We are now actively preparing for the upcoming changes in the tax code and study its impact on the system changes, moreover we offer our customers support services during the transition to the new Ukrainian legislation requirements that will come into effect in 2011», – says Aleksey Ivasyuk, head of «Business Consulting» department.

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