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De Novo has announced Cloud Data Center

Cloud services will be focused on large and medium-sized companies and will comply with the highest security and fault tolerance standards. Cloud data center services would be of the most interest for the companies that face the need to develop or upgrade existing IT infrastructure; this is the case when migration to the cloud data center will ensure the best economic benefit.

«In most cases, the cost of De Novo cloud data center outsourcing services is much cheaper than own corporate IT infrastructure development – claims Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO. – During the design phase, De Novo experts have compared economic models in terms of traditional IT infrastructure implementation and outsourcing De Novo cloud data center. In 4 of 5 cases, in terms of five years perspective, data center outsourcing enables to save 48% and up to 64% of IT budget. Data center outsourcing reduces company capital expenditures and prevents major production risks caused by design errors.»

The most appropriate solution for companies with the operating IT infrastructure is a phased migration to cloud data center; this would enable to replace those system elements that require upgrade with the cloud services. Corresponding approach ensures achieving full business benefits of cloud data center services almost without any additional investments.

Except for costs reduction, migration to De Novo cloud data center significantly increases the IT service reliability and fault tolerance. This level of reliability and continuity is ensured by the combination of certain key factors. First of all, cloud data center performance is maintained by the leading outsourcing data center in Ukraine and unfortunately few companies can afford to rent data center facilities due to its high cost. Secondly, implementation of basic virtualization technology enables to eliminate constraints of system hardware and service performance dependencies. Therefore, certain service failure, in the worst case, may only cause service restart.

According to the results of survey conducted among company CIOs (performed on De Novo initiative) one third of interviewed executives, familiar with cloud technologies, are ready to transfer IT services to the cloud in a year term after its official introduction to the market. Another one third of recipients confirmed intention to migrate to cloud data center in 2-3 years after official service introduction. Subsequently, about two thirds of interviewed CIOs expect that the company that offers cloud services should meet the high level of reliability and take financial responsibilities for SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance. De Novo meets all predefined requirements: provided service reliability is ensured by means of corporate data center IT infrastructure, vast experience in virtual and cloud infrastructure development. De Novo reliability in terms of business partnership is confirmed by the fact that company investors include two largest global investment funds: Intel Capital and IFC (International Finance Corporation), a member of the World Bank Group.

The implementation of business cloud project is the next stage in De Novo product portfolio development. The service is based on one of De Novo data center modules, launched last autumn. During the phase of cloud data center development the following technologies have been applied: Cisco, VMware and EMC.

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