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De Novo gained VMware Business Continuity competencies

De Novo, a company that provides professional IT services, became the first company in Ukraine that gained VMware Business Continuity competencies. De Novo professionalism and qualification of its team are the confirmation of the mentioned competence. Acquired competence provides the company with competitive advantage and indicates De Novo reliability and its level of proficiency.

To prove the VMware Business Continuity qualification, De Novo experts have been trained and certified in the field of virtual computing solution implementations making an emphasis on BCP (Business Continuity Planning). It means VMware solution implementation in the projects for data security, high accessibility and system disaster recovery. Now De Novo is a unique company in our country possessing corresponding competence.

Moreover, VMware Business Continuity qualification enables De Novo experts to study the technologies and methodological materials of the major developer in the virtual solution field. These resources are being used in both the company’s expert researches and for the products being supplied by the biggest Ukrainian enterprises and being available for De Novo. One of such products is “Red Button” implemented into INDEXBANK Plc to ensure enterprise virtual infrastructure disaster recovery.

Also, De Novo participated in the VMware forum where the recent development demonstration was provided, including already mentioned “Red Button” technology development.

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