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De Novo introduce Business Intelligence solutions with the integrated IBM technologies

The demand on BI class solutions has significantly increased after global economy recovered from the recent financial crisis. According to the new market conditions, business leaders need effective solutions for risk management and decision making. Corresponding demand can be partly satisfied by business intelligence system based on prompt, reliable and structured information.

“Nowadays a manager works in conditions of crisis damaged market and therefore constantly needs to seek new ways and solutions to ensure the company profitability, – said Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO. – The implementation of quality analytical systems based on industry data warehouse technology provide additional flexibility for the manager performance. Significant improvement of information quality provides more freedom on decision making.”

Majority enterprises in Ukraine apply self-developed solutions that are no longer capable to cope with corresponding tasks. That is exactly the reason why the vast experience of De Novo experts in the banking sector of Ukraine together with advanced IBM technologies applied for sure will be in great demand in our market.

ASL contract conditions enable De Novo to develop and implement data storage solutions based on IBM Banking Data Warehouse technology. Corresponding solutions are adapted to Ukrainian market model.

“IBM products were acknowledged to be the most advanced among all solutions introduced by world leading companies according to recent Garnter research*. We will supply Ukrainian companies with the best solutions available at the market that are also improved by deep understanding of domestic market peculiarities“, – emphasized Maxim Ageyev.

* Maxim Ageyev implies specifically to “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence” Gartner research

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