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De Novo and IDC calculated how much the Ukrainian cloud market will be worth of in a situation of economic collapse

The survey includes the analysis of Ukrainian market of commercial datacenters, the assessment of capacity and structure of national public clouds market, as well as a field study of  demand for cloud services and cloud services usage patterns in Ukrainian companies’ IT infrastructures.

According to the survey conducted by IDC and De Novo, as of the end of 2013 the capacity of Ukrainian public clouds market (both IaaS and SaaS) is conservatively estimated at $5.78 million, showing a dramatic growth rate in comparison to $2.1 million in 2012. Such impressive rate surfacing at a time when overall IT market in Ukraine is shrinking indicates the transition of cloud services from the formation of demand stage to the stage of active growth. According to the survey, 61% of respondents believe clouds are integral part of IT strategy.

One of the main drivers of the cloud market is IT departments’ increasing awareness of cloud computing. In 2014 61% of CIO and Heads of IT departments of medium-to-large-sized enterprises (who were the main focus of the field part of the survey) assess their knowledge of cloud offerings as good or excellent, while in 2013 almost a half (49%) of responders admitted their awareness of the clouds was superficial.

In 2014, not only the Ukrainian cloud users are becoming more mature, so does the technology itself. Both of these factors stimulate the growth of consumer satisfaction. The results of cloud services application are fully in line with the expectations of 59% of IT departments interviewed, and exceed the expectations of 6%; the last year figures were 40% and 2% respectively. Consequently, the group of responders who believe cloud services are almost meeting their expectations, decreased from last year’s 40% to 28% in 2014.

Compared to the last year survey, the range of tasks accomplished with cloud technology, has not undergone significant changes. In 2014 corporate email (45%), archived data storage (40%) and backup storage (40%) are traditionally among the most sought after cloud services. However, it is worth noting that the prevailing cloud consumption model changed. In 2013 the majority (60%) of IT departments were planning to build their own clouds – today only 28% of responders are willing to go this complex way. In 2014, the increased awareness of the specifics  of cloud building and overall negative economic background became a motivating factors for CIOs to gravitate towards leasing of external providers’ resources (40%) and hybrid model (32%).

“We are leading in growth on rapidly developing outsourcing markets”, Maxim Ageyev, CEO of De Novo, comments on survey results. As of the end of 2013, with the market weighted growth rate of 20%, the revenue of De Novo datacenter has doubled. Our cloud business grew 3.5 times, the overall cloud market growth rate is 3 times. The dynamics of De Novo provider businesses and outsourcing in general reflects the beginning of Ukrainian IT market transformation”.

“IaaS services, the largest and most dynamic segment of Ukrainian cloud market, doubled in size in 2013, amounting to some $4 million in 2013. Despite the devaluation of hryvnia, severe political crisis and a multitude of extremely unfavorable macro environment factors, the national IaaS market will retain its positive trend in the current year with an expected growth rate of at least 25%”, notes Vladimir Pozdnyakov, IDC Regional Manager (Ukraine).

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