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De Novo and GfK Ukraine have measured potential of Ukrainian cloud computing market

The word leading consulting companies expect cloud computing to determine the development of IT industry for the next 5-8 years. As pioneer of cloud market De Novo has analyzed market capacity and trends in cooperation with GfK Ukraine.

“De Novo and GfK Ukraine focused the study on the medium and large businesses in telecommunications, retail, logistics and manufacturing and financial sectors. These industries are the major IT consumers in Ukraine”, — said Anastasia Shurenkova, senior researcher of GfK Ukraine B2B and Strategic Studies department, at the press-conference presenting the research findings.

According to the research data, the Ukrainian cloud market is at the stage of demand crystallization. The cloud demand comes out of latency and accumulates the initial experience of the cloud solutions consume. This fact is reflected by the basic level of the end consumer’s awareness about cloud computing. 47% of responded IT services said that their knowledge about cloud solutions is basic, and the 88% of interwieved executives are not familiar with cloud services.

The Ukrainian cloud market potential is created by companies’ plans for using cloud solutions, as well as the intensive exploration of technology by IT companies. Till 2015—2016 it will provide an exponential market growth similar to the dynamics of cloud markets in Europian countries. More than a third of interviewed IT deparments plan to use cloud-based solutions, and 75% of them are going to start using cloud in 2014.

«Medium and large enterprises will be the main contributors to the dynamics of cloud compting market in Ukraine. ARPU growth of De Novo Cloud exceeded 500% over the past 10 months, and in the next 2 years I expect a multiple increase in the consumption of cloud services for De Novo Cloud and for Ukraine as well», – said Maxim Ageyev, De Novo Chief Executive Officer, about the future of cloud Ukraine.

IT-compnies heat the market as well, because they’re accumulating experience of cloud computing usage. According to the research results, approximately half of IT executives explore cloud computing, 15% have already the expertise in this area, and 94% plan to work on the Ukrainian cloud market.

IT companies informing consumers about the cloud solutions and a positive cloud experience of the end users will provide the rapid penetration of cloud computing to the Ukrainian market in 2014—2016. 84% of interwieved Ukrainian enterprises, using cloud computing on or before the date of the study, found them mostly or absolutely meeting their expectations. The economic effect of cloud solutions usage will be a key driver of the market. According to the research data, the executives find cutting of IT costs to be the key benefit of cloud computing.

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