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At Cisco Expo 2010 De Novo will introduce its own view on hybrid cloud implementation

Nowadays significant number of Ukrainian corporate clients is ready to apply cloud computing technologies. Despite the fact that Ukrainian market still lags behind in cloud computing of the worldwide practices, currently some domestic companies are already providing preconditions for transferring a number of corporate IT services in the cloud infrastructure. De Novo experts believe in further development of this trend, however not all services will be transferred to external (public) cloud.

“In the next three or four years, large organizations by no means will not give up that part of the infrastructure used to support their key business systems such as automated banking systems, card processing, CRM, ERP, -explains Gennadiy Karpov in one of his articles of the ‘Futurology’ cycle. – Key applications for a long time will remain within the enterprise due to the fact that the business is not yet ready to give up corresponding systems – these systems are primarily ensure efficient risk management.”

Hybrid cloud integration is the most effective solution that will balance the computing resources efficient use and IT-related risks. Cisco Expo has not been randomly chosen to be the De Novo cloud initiatives announcement site.

“Last year, Cisco Systems announced the launch of its own initiatives in the field of cloud computing, and from De Novo perspective these initiatives are great opportunities for its own product portfolio further development – explains Gennadiy Karpov. –Today, we rely on Cisco products road map planning technological and research facilities. Cisco Expo has become a proper platform for future ideas exchange on product development and potential product consumers. That’s why De Novo has been announced a partner of data centers and virtualization related sections since corresponding sections has been introduction at the Cisco Expo ».

Cisco Expo 2010 will be held on November 3rd –4th and take place in Kyiv ‘ACCO International’ situated on 40B, Peremogy Avenue. The report of Gennadiy Karpov is scheduled on November 3rd at 11:30 in the «Donetsk» hall.

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