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According to IDC Data De Novo Leads on Ukrainian Cloud Market

As the research findings show IaaS forms the major segment of Ukrainian cloud market with 69% and enjoys higher growth tempo of +13% comparing to SaaS-segment (+3%). Cloud services develop despite shrinking IT and telco markets and is driven by increasing cloud awareness. In 2016 customer awareness reached 100% with any respondent unaware of cloud computing. 82% of CIOs estimated their knowledge of cloud solutions as good and excellent keeping on positive trend 2015-2013 for this index – 79%, 61% and 45%, respectively.

Ukrainian cloud market developing under aggressive political and economical factors demonstrated serious changes in consumer behavior. Thus, business continuity gained in significance – 69% of interviewees consider BC projects to be the priority No.1 in 2016. Incidents of faulty measures against IT companies taken by executive authorities resulted in strengthened favor towards foreign cloud providers 71% of respondents declared. The most decisions (47%) on cloud usage were taken by CIOs with involvement of CFOs. And deployment of core business applications with 42% turned out to be among top-3 popular cloud usage models for the first time in De Novo researches. The evaluation criteria of cloud efficiency have changed, too. 48% of interviewees noted compliance with service level agreement, technical support gained in importance (30% in 2016 vs. 7% in 2015). 84% of CIOs are sure in strategic role of cloud solutions for business growth (comparing to 70% in 2015 and 61% in 2014).

“As leading cloud provider in Ukraine we are concerned about increasing interest in foreign DCs and clouds among our customers. The government bodies ignore numerous appeals to ensure legislative regulation for the competences of security forces and stand aside the scandalous practices. The recession drove cloud services so far but this driver is going out. The existing cloud market potential could be exploited due to growing awareness, accumulation of positive consumer experience and trust towards the cloud model. Thats why we need new drivers. The authorities should guarantee inviolability of datacenters and DC customers. Otherwise our efforts of developing the promising segment prepare it for foreign suppliers. We believe the cloud computing is a unique chance to bridge the gap between mature markets and Ukraine”, De Novo CEO Maxim Ageyev comments.

“Last year cloud services were the only developing segment on IT market. Economical recession pushed Ukrainian businesses to IT transformation and growing penetration of cloud computing might cause crucial changes on Ukrainian landscape of enterprise IT-hardware, software and services. Ukraine is just beginning its cloud journey and we expect the cloud market to enjoy two-digit growth in coming years. IaaS will leg behind, while SaaS could exceed 10% of software market by the 2020s”, IDC regional manager in Ukraine Vladimir Pozdnyakov prognoses.


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