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ABBYY Ukraine tested «1C: Enterprise 8» in De Novo Cloud

ABBYY Ukraine and De Novo cooperation grounds on the cost efficiency of the innovative solutions. The cloud usage eliminates major costs of the accounting and management automatization projects. Due to cloud technologies, the costs of servers buying, development and installation of the IT infrastructure, as well as project risks remain in the past. So, cloud solutions help businesses to get economic effect of accounting and control systems more quickly.The reliability and service security is crucial for enterprise management systems.

That’s why De Novo having created the Cloud and guaranteeing 99.95% service availability became partner of ABBYY Ukraine.Testing of «1C: Enterprise 8» in De Novo Cloud was conducted for a variety of system configurations. In particular, three web-interface configurations «1C: Enterprise» were tested – standard solution, custom and industrial ones. «1C: Document flow 8 CORP for Ukraine» and «ABBYY Heat supply for Ukraine” worked in strict accordance with the scenarios planned. In addition to flawless operation, industrial configuration testing showed additional benefits of cloud solutions for geographically dispersed holdings. Thus, «1C: Enterprise 8 Management of agricultural enterprise for Ukraine» in the De Novo Cloud was tested for agricultural enterprise. The cloud services provided for effective accounting centralization and helped to create a unified information landscape.

«We’ve requested cloud services and installed 3 configurations of „1C: Enterprise“ within 6-7 hours. In physical infrastructure the servers supply and configuration as well as development of basic IT infrastructure usually take from 1 to 6 months. During these months the company is not able to track and manage finances in an automated system, i.e. has to operate without relevant and accurate information for decision-making» – says Alexey Podorozhniy, Head of ABBYY Ukraine Innovation Center for 1C products.

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