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With De Novo Cloud Motor (transport) insurance bureau of Ukraine makes life of Ukrainian car owners easier

E-policy introduction is one of the key stages of national insurance reform process. MTSBU belongs to active reform participants and prepared a complex draft law on this issue in order to prepare for the implementation of e-services within the insurance industry. Ongoing legislative changes cover paper flow that determines processing and accounting of paper forms and policies, moreover, they require modifications in state control procedures of mandatory insurance policies and force insurance companies to transform business processes and IT-services delivery. The E-policy System forms a core of this process. The System enables issue and keeping electronic policies as well as availability control. Web-services technologies connect MTSBU system and all the insurers’ information systems supposing that the insurer is MTSBU member. Consumers will be able to conclude an insurance contract online by means of insurer’s information resources, but they also could act by an insurance agent or contact an insurance office. Anyway, all the insurance contracts will be processed upon request to the E-policy System.

For the car owners e-format of mandatory third-party insurance contracts offers much easier way to acquire a policy, they can do it even at home. The whole insurance market benefits from the innovation, too and gets rid of forged insurance forms and policies issued by unfair companies having forfeited insurance licenses or MTSBU membership. Trial version of the System will be available by the middle October. Upon the initial testing MTSBU members will connect their resources to it. No doubt, the platform sets strict requirements to the resources, they’d show high availability, failure tolerance and perfect scalability. That’s why MTSBU decided to deploy the System in De Novo Cloud.

“Using De Novo Cloud resources for the system is an optimal solution not only for the attractive economic indexes. We guarantee availability and failure tolerance of the services and are financially responsible for these guarantees”, Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO comments on the project.

“Industrial reform is a highly complicated process being conjunct with multiple legislative and technological factors. We believe the E-policy System quality level and availability, productivity and response time to belong to the crucial success factors of the reform. Therefore our choice in favor of cloud services as well as of reliable cloud provider was quite obvious. De Novo is MTSBU long-term partner and enjoys excellent reputation”, notes Yelena Masharo, Head of MTSBU Department for information support, analysis and insurance methodology.

After the legislative changes made the e-policies of mandatory third-party insurance contracts are supposed to replace hard copies totally within a year.

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