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TRIUMPH MEDIA GROUP serves Ukrainian film fans from De Novo Cloud

Сustomer relationship management (CRM) and billing system are core IT services in TRIUMPH MEDIA GROUP business processes. The integration of those systems allows to bonus system operation being the key element of Planeta Kino loyalty program. IT availability is of crucial significance for TRIUMPH MEDIA GROUP online sales and tickets booking that process over 50000 requests daily.

“Online sales and tickets booking are the final step of ticket purchase process. In order to ensure high IT availability we needed a reliable partner and it was De Novo that we’ve chosen. We’ve evaluated a lot of alternatives while searching a partner. And De Novo services cost-efficiency as well as solid reputation were the key arguments in De Novo’s favor,” Head of TRIUMPH MEDIA GROUP IT Department Yevgeniy Medvedsky comments.

Systems hosted in De Novo Cloud will process about 400 000 transactions monthly and serve over 700 000 chain customers. Due to maximal implementation of cloud technologies TRIUMPH MEDIA GROUP infrastructure gains independency from other not-cloud based sites and online users enjoy this benefit.

“Flawless De Novo Cloud operation attracts companies with IT availability being critical for the business. From our side we offer them our service quality that is proved by time and Ukrainian market, as we’re ready to solve complicated tasks even though most clients lack financial resources now,” De Novo CEO Maxim Ageyev adds.

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