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“Nova Liniya” Moves to De Novo Cloud

«Nova Liniya» becomes a cloud pioneer in the Ukrainian building retail market, using innovative services of De Novo Cloud (infrastructure as a service, IaaS) to ensure business continuity.

«As the market moves towards the phase of saturation and the competition for the most cost-effective and qualitative proposal to the customers increases, we focus on the effectiveness in IT solutions for current business tasks of the network. And there’re two very familiar factors to evaluate the effectiveness, they are time and money. De Novo Cloud has enabled us to create a backup data center faster and cheaper. Computing resources for the data center were provided just less then in 2 days after the issue was reported. Moreover, with De Novo Cloud we have avoided investments for the equipment supply», – Chief Information Officer of “Nova Liniya” Dmitry Romanchenko talks about the cloud case.

Cloud as a virtual backup data center is one of the most popular models of De Novo Cloud consumption. As De Novo Cloud gives a green light to those companies which intent to protect their IT from various failures and accidents and make their businesses sustainable, but have to avoid investments in development and operation of the backup data center in the competitive environment.

«In addition to the cost-effectiveness, a safety factor was the most important in the decision to start cooperation with us. De Novo Cloud is built on the principles of Trusted Cloud. That’s why we operate our cloud data center with the same technical and organizational security tools which are used in the mature corporate infrastructures», – said Maxim Ageyev, De Novo Chief Executive Officer.

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