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Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Consumes De Novo Cloud Resources

De Novo Cloud enables nonstop operation of, the Integrated National Portal for Administrative Services. The project implements the concept of one-stop-shop service and utilizes effective IT-solutions in order to provide the citizens with both online municipal services and detailed information.

“We aim at really easy access to municipal services citizens and business users need. The pilot Integrated National Portal for Administrative Services is an important step on our way to the e-government introduction. No doubt, the platform should take advantage of the best technological practices. We have chosen De Novo cloud infrastructure as the provider belongs to the major cloud suppliers in Ukraine. Be the cloud ever so easy to use, the public sector is reluctant to exploit the benefits of the cloud computing. Not least because of the legislative flaws and gaps. However, I’m certain about upcoming legal regulations”, says Lesya Chmil’, Director of IT Department at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. 

As De Novo Cloud user the Ministry has joined other government authorities. Thus, De Novo Cloud supports IT-services for Lviv Municipal Council, Odes’ka Regional State Administration and Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine.

“Reliable enterprise-class clouds offer ideal solutions to the state bodies and other government authorities. It’s the cloud model of IT that pools high availability and productivity as well as attractive and transparent pricing. De Novo Cloud welcomes new e-government services”, De Novo CEO Maxim Ageyev explains.

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