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Lviv Municipal Council to connect to De Novo Cloud

The Rough Guide magazine included Lviv in top 10 cities 2014. The city neighbored Liverpool, Marcel, Rio de Janeiro and Portland and took the honorable 5th position. Lviv thanks its popularity to the efforts of Lviv Municipal Council having developed the infrastructure in the city since 2006. Thus the international best practices are involved and various innovations incl. cloud technologies are implemented.

“The development of the city is very intensive and the increasing rate requires application of innovative solutions. That’s why the transformation into a technologically advanced governmental body and guarantees of top class service level are in focus of the municipal strategy. And cloud services from one of the most reliable providers in Ukraine are infrastructural ground for the city development”, Timofey Alexandrovets, Head of IT Department at Lviv Municipal Council, notes.

E-services provided from De Novo Cloud cover a range of national and local services and allow citizens to order certificates, submit applications and appointments as well as pay for public utilities.

“Changes are often taken with a kind of constraint and raise public attention, especially when the changes affect most citizens and aren’t adopted yet. Therefore flawless service level as well as reliability and availability of the e-services are of crucial importance right now. And our enterprise class cloud infrastructure leaves no option under such conditions as there’re only few relevant cloud cases in Ukraine. We’re proud that Lviv Municipal Council integrates innovations into the city life with De Novo Cloud”, Maxim Ageyev, De Novo CEO comments.

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