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IT Outsourcing from De Novo to Strengthen Positions in Financial Sector

The outsourcing program is aimed at securing high availability of IT-services and cutting both downtime durability and accidents the hardware failures and software errors cause. In order to solve these tasks De Novo experts provide for multi-stage diagnostics of malfunctions and productivity problems. The assessment data bases the correspondent defects elimination recommendations and materials for vendors’ service desks.

“Services of new De Novo business unit offer optimal solutions for the companies striving for benefits from opportunities that the financial recession creates. Within the IT outsourcing program we complete all the IT-tasks of the Bank while the core business gets financial resources to develop new products and services”, De Novo Chief Project Management Officer Valeriy Makarenko comments.

The outsourcing program De Novo designed for the Bank covers keeping infrastructure and documentation update, schedule and preventive maintenance to forestall operation failures.

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