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Roadmap for the largest bank in Georgia

Bank has achieved corresponding leading position due to competent policy of corporate and retail lending, effective risk management and diversified product portfolio. Bank innovative initiatives are supported by mature IT infrastructure and that is the main reason the why IT department of TBC Bank has chosen De Novo expertise to implement storage infrastructure upgrade.

Project objectives

At the beginning of current year IT department of the bank has faced imminent need to expand the existing data storage infrastructure. The particular feature of TBC Bank activities and significant pace of its development required a complex and much more effective solution implementation than common specification development and additional hardware purchase. Consequently, it was made a decision to involve external consultants with similar projects implementation experience. As single solution to all the tasks mentioned above De Novo team has offered a branch infrastructure strategy development to cover data storage infrastructure of the bank.

Corresponding approach implies De Novo corporate methodology implementation and provides significant advantages in comparison to additional hardware purchase. A key benefit of the solution is found in ability to define the strategy of existing storage infrastructure further development and ensure more efficient use of existing resources.

Further development

The development team has defined the following key project objectives in order to comply with the project tasks and meet bank business needs:

  • Analyze legacy system compliance with current and perspective (considering future system development) business needs.
  • Provide data storage system further development methods that satisfy current business needs and consider further system upgrade.
  • Define data storage system requirements that comply with technologies applied by leading manufacturers in the industry.

Storage Progress Planning service package is one of the latest De Novo solutions in the field of data storage systems support and corresponding solution has satisfied core requirements defined by IT department of TBS Bank.

At the initial stage of project implementation De Novo has conducted research and analysis of existing enterprise IT infrastructure by means of specialized software. Corresponding analysis provided general overview of storage infrastructure implementation methods that would meet specific business needs and comply with system development strategy. For further project development stages acquired data has formed a background for functional (performance, capacity, etc.) and non-functional (fault tolerance, scalability) requirements of the future system.

Project results

During project implementation De Novo experts have considered a variety of factors that may impact system infrastructure. In terms of conducted resource investigation De Novo has evaluated internal applications structure; defined system load capacity, structured system data, analyzed the effectiveness of applied resources.

De Novo has provided bank IT department with the structured source data and “Research report” documentation that included:

  • existing system compliance with business needs evaluation;
  • optimization/modernization approaches;
  • functional and non-functional target system requirements;
  • estimate economic parameters of optimization/modernization project implementation and define the applied changes impact (in case if any changes required).

“De Novo responsibilities in terms of this project were limited to high-level IT consulting and planning services and this fact has defined the remarkable feature of this project. For example; all other activities like hardware supply were ensured by local, Georgian company. TBC Bank specialists have recognized De Novo expertise in the field of data storage systems development and as a result of our cooperation De Novo has provided effective solution for infrastructure development that will involve minimal facilitates”, – said Konstantin Dron, De Novo system architect of software and hardware platforms solutions development and responsible for system architecture development for the corresponding project.

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