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De Novo experts have developed a converged network for FUIB

 Within the project scope De Novo experts have developed consolidated hardware platform of bank IT infrastructure and have introduced corporate converged network. Further on, corresponding network should become a background for the network infrastructure development of bank data center server segment.

«IT infrastructure consolidation is a critical step in further implementation of FUIB security and IT development strategy. The implementation of converged network will enable the bank to meet the business growth requirements with the minimum resources applied, improve provided services functionality, as well as introduce new services in short terms», says Yuriy Piskarev, Head of FUIB Information Technology department.

The main advantage of the converged network implementation, comparing to „classical“ approach, is the ability to combine local network with a data storage network and therefore the company is provided with the advanced and reliable network instead of two separate networks. Consequently, the costs for hardware purchase, system maintenance and power consumption are significantly reduced. Within the converged network development project De Novo experts deployed network infrastructure based on Cisco components and integrated into the existing LAN and SAN infrastructure.

„Consolidated and virtualized bank infrastructure implemented by means of converged network development has provided FUIB with significant technical and financial advantages: the number of applied switches, adapters, cabling infrastructure units has been reduced. There can be also outlined some other benefits like increased system flexibility and reduced time required for solution deployment, improved system administration“, – said Victor Podkorytov, system engineer and consultant at Cisco data center technologies and virtualization.

“Applying contemporary approaches for IT infrastructure transformation provide the bank business units with advanced flexibility and improve system performance, therefore ensure additional competitive advantages. Moreover, corresponding approach reduce the number of resources required to manage and support infrastructure operation and at the same time improves system reliability and fault tolerance», – said Konstantin Dron, De Novo solutions architect and responsible for system architecture development at this project.

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