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De Novo leads the National Bank of Ukraine to the clouds

A comprehensive assessment conducted by De Novo experts and the concept of IT infrastructure transformation for the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) are aimed at IT services quality increase, ensuring their efficiency growth and higher service availability. The roadmap, approved by NBU, provides virtualization and optimization of IT infrastructure within short term projects and the migration to the cloud computing model wthin the medium term ones. An assessment of existing NBU datacenters engineering equipment was also conducted within the project. According to the results, the feasibility study and technical project of building the new data center were developed to meet the needs of the Bank in the long run.

The choice of De Novo as a service provider is closely linked to the level of challenges faced by the Information Technologies Department of the NBU. This level is determined by the regulatory function of the NBU and the role in the whole banking system operation of Ukraine. It imposes specific requirements to the effectiveness and reliability of the Bank information system. In fact, the National Bank is a provider of many IT services for all commercial banks in Ukraine and it’s hard to overestimate the extent of its impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole banking system.

«The planned transition to a private cloud model is a large-scale and complex process, but this model is the most effective solution of our tasks», said Aleksey Bilash, Director of the NBU Department of Information Technologies.

«During the project De Novo specialists worked according to the repeatedly approved proprietary design methodology. De Novo methodology allowed to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the NBU IT infrastructure and to create a technological transformation concept for two layers at once – computing and engineering infrastructure. At the same time, the issues of economic feasibility study of transformation were considered duly, as well as the resources needed for its conduction», described the project Maxim Ageev, De Novo Managing Director.

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