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De Novo protects Sberbank of Russia from disasters

The main task of De Novo project is to provide Sberbank of Russia with recovery tools and guarantee the business continuity and availability of banking services in emergency situations e.g. equipment failures, local and regional disasters, the logical data corruption. For six months of collaboration De Novo and Sberbank of Russia experts designed and put into operation a complex that is resistant to the above mentioned types of physical and logical failures. Worked-out recovery scenarios, three-site architecture with the main site, synchronous and asynchronous backup ones as well as centralized backup make a new failure-resistant complex.

The unique feature of the project is the use of architectural approaches and technologies meeting the advanced cloud model of IT services. The complex is based on Red Button, the product designed by De Novo on the ground of VMware technologies. This is the fifth case of Red Button successful integration in banking sector showing De Novo product maturity. Three-site architecture with simultaneous use of both synchronous and asynchronous replication, the virtualization not only of the server infrastructure, but also of the storage area network feature the complex for Sberbank of Russia.

Unlike the «classic» approaches to the solution of the problem of IT continuity, the complex guarantees the automation of the processes of updating, periodic non-destructive testing and execution of disaster recovery plans for the bank’s virtual infrastructure, which minimizes human factor and reduces loading on IT staff of the bank. The data protection from logical data corruption is provided via centralized backup system of the new generation, which is built-in directly into the virtualization layer and does not require application of agents or customizing protected operating environments. As a result, all IT services of the bank, both current and future, operating in the virtual environment, are automatically placed under its protection.

«In terms of reliability, Sberbank of Russia holds the leading positions in the ratings of financial institutions of Ukraine. Disaster recovery for the bank’s information system is a technological foundation for high reliability of the bank services. The architecture of the complex established by De Novo experts allows us to work for our clients, even in case of various failures, massive accidents, local and regional disasters», – says Vyacheslav Molojaviy, Head of the Information Technologies Department.

«The project realized by De Novo for Sberbank of Russia is unprecedented in our country. First of all, Sberbank of Russia became the first player on the Ukrainian market, whose business continuity solution complies with the best international practices in terms of architecture, automation of recovery procedures and effectiveness of protection against all possible accidents. Secondly, I mark the proactive nature of the project in the context of regulatory trends in the financial sector of Ukraine. In 2013, the National Bank of Ukraine is going to toughen the demands to ensuring the business continuity of financial institions. We are pleased that our project anticipates these regulatory changes. We are happy to win for our client a key factor of success in the competition – time» – sums up Maxim Ageyev, De Novo Chief Executive Officer.

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