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HELSI.ME protects users’ personal data in De Novo Clouds.

HELSI.ME service has been set up in order to help patients choose a doctor and a hospital comfortably. Instead of accustomed queues, HELSI.ME offers to make an appointment online or by phone. For the time being, the service is only available in Podilskyi District of Kyiv but it is going to span a vaster area in the nearest future. In addition, HELSI.ME service allows keeping electronic health records which can help doctors promptly get the full picture of their patient’s health.

The Law of Ukraine prescribes rigid requirements in terms of how securely information about its citizens’ health is processed and stored. In order to comply with the requirements, companies are forced to set up their own IT-infrastructure with compartmentalized access to sensitive data and, thus, incur whopping expenses. With security tools used by De Novo, provider’s cloud services enable you to solve such problems in a simpler and more effective way.

“De Novo cloud services have three properties crucial to us”, Yaroslav Ivanenko, HELSI.ME project manager, comments on the choice. “First, they have a Complex System of Information Security (CSIS) Certificate issued by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine. The certificate ensures that the service meets information security requirements. Second, with De Novo cloud services, we can process citizens’ personal details within the legal terrain of Ukraine. Finally, we can get as many computational resources as we require, which means that we can grow without any obstacles and it won’t take massive investments to develop our IT-infrastructure”.

“We are constantly working to enhance the quality of the services rendered and extend our portfolio of cloud services. With new De Novo services, Ukrainian companies don’t have to decide between cheap-but-insecure and expensive-but-secure cloud solutions. We give such guarantees of services availability and integrity and confidentiality of processed information which ideally meet customer’s goal and budget”, Maxim Ageyev, Director General of De Novo, points out.

Today, the whole IT-infrastructure of HELSI.ME service operates within De Novo Cloud. HELSI.ME project management is planning to ensure that HELSI.ME develops further by increasing consumption of De Novo cloud services.

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