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De Novo has successfully implemented a project on «Red Button» product integration

The project resulted in integration of automated backup bank data center activation procedures that can be activated in case of emergency by simple button click. Another important feature of the «Red Button” De Novo product is the ability to periodically validate the activation of backup data center without any impact on the operation of the main data center.

Typical Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) of a major bank implies hundreds of interrelated steps that must be accurately and consistently implemented in strict IT staff in stressful emergency situations. «Red Button» due to by automated DRP execution, virtually eliminates the negative influence of human factors. A pleasant ‘side effect’ the introduction of this product is the automatic DRP maintenance – changes to IT infrastructure and IT services immediately reflected in the recovery plan.

«Red Button» is designed on the bases of the VMWare Site Recovery Manager product. Deployment of solution of this class requires a deep expertise in virtualization technologies and VMWare products competencies. De Novo is, the only domestic company that has a status of VMWare Authorized Consultant, De Novo experts – the only team in Ukraine, which owns the necessary qualifications and experience for «Red Button» integration. The project was implemented in strict accordance with the company’s project methodology, De Novo, one feature of which is the active IT staff technological knowledge and skills transfer to the customer. As a result, the bank was not only integrated an innovative IT system, but also a team of trained professionals able to effectively exploit it and develop it.

«Red Button» – De Novo product, based on VMWare innovative technologies. This is a product from the world of cloud computing » that for sure will replace the traditional approaches in IT infrastructure development, – said Gennadiy Karpov, chief information officer at De Novo. – The development of corresponding product was possible due to the company architects access to the contemporary technologies provided by industry leading companies, as well as the use of the De Novo Laboratory in its development process.”

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