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De Novo secures Kyivstar business continuity

“Kyivstar” is a leading operator in mobile communications of Ukraine. “Kyivstar’s” mobile communications and roaming services as well as FTTB Internet access services are used by more than 26 million of subscribers. The huge subscriber base and strict service quality standards set tough requirements for IT-reliability and business continuity.

“Kyivstar” strives to provide flawless service for its subscribers putting off risk factors that threaten service quality. These threats include power losses, climatic factors and natural disasters that could impair equipment. Moreover, current situation and illegal armed groups increase failure risks in Ukraine. Such factors require clear and actual disaster recovery plan and infrastructure.

“Major project objectives covered IT reliability growth, meeting corporate business continuity standards as well as high recovery efficiency in case of emergency. We chose project partner based on pitch results in H1 2014. De Novo offered the most beneficial and complete terms to solve these complicated and challenging tasks”, Dmitriy Peshiy, Head of Server Platforms and DC at “Kyivstar” notes.

In order to standardize corporate business continuity approaches De Novo team developed threat model, evaluated  relevant risks and potential risks impact on “Kyivstar” business processes as well as created target failure-tolerant IT-infrastructure based on the evaluations. Then recovery scenarios for information systems and transformation program were elaborated so that the IT-infrastructure could be moved up to the target level.

Implementation of the project solutions and regulations allows “Kyivstar” to ensure required IT reliability for both existing and potential information systems.

“System concept of IT continuity belongs to one of our core competences”, De Novo CTO Gennadiy Karpov comments. “Telecommunication business features IT as crucial component of the production base, so it’s no surprise that the leader of this market needed our knowledge and years of experience. De Novo specialists contributed much to consolidate numerous “Kyivstar’s” business divisions in order to get the primary project deliverable, failure-tolerant information system that supports key business processes even in case of emergency onset.”

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