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De Novo has completed desktop virtualization for “Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank”

Project deliverables included desktop virtualization system that meets the predefined customer requirements and Citrix best practices. Newly developed system enables bank personnel to publish and manage corporate application access by means of Group Policy; the system itself complies with the security and scalability requirements. Group Policy also enable to perform centralize management of external hardware like printers and scanners.

It is important to mention that currently bank personnel can access corporate application not only with PCs running on Windows, Linux or Mac, but also with thin clients running on Windows / Linux, mobile devices running on Android, and Apple solutions like iPhone and iPad.

“Implementation of application delivery system enables to establish centralize management of geographically distributed IT infrastructure of the bank — explains Vyacheslav Molozhavyy, Head of “Sberbank of Russia” IT Department. — Corresponding system enables the bank to promptly provide our business customers with the exact resources required at the predefined period of time that meet information security requirements. Moreover, there is no need to perform time-consuming deployment of IT infrastructure in the new offices or branches: in order to provide a desktop for a new employee system administrator should only grant network access for a certain computer.”

“Application delivery system eliminates a whole set of bank expansion limitation caused by certain peculiarities of IT infrastructure – claims Denis Emelyanenko, head of “IT Infrastructure Transformation and Improvement” department. – These are core factors that motivate management of bank IT department to define IT services centralization as a key area of infrastructure development, and therefore the task on desktop virtualization has been entrusted to experienced De Novo experts.”

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