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De Novo Cloud Contributes to ProZorro’s Transparent Purchases

ProZorro portal is a part of state purchasing system reform aimed at effective, up-to-date  and transparent procurement process. ProZorro project involves government authorities including Presidential Administration, Department for Public Procurement Regulation at Ministry for Trade and Economical Development, Antitrust Panel as well as expert organizations and Ukrainian software developers. ProZorro’s key goal is to prevent corrupt purchases and ensure transparent procedures. As upon bidding completion all the competing offers open for the pitch participants, they could make a complaint against the bidding results. Moreover, the portal allows all the businesses to participate in the online auctions while citizens can get information about public purchasing items and amounts.

De Novo offers cloud services to ProZorro developers so that they could create platform independent solution and model IT environments to check the system operation in multiple frameworks. The approach widens the choice among IT suppliers because the portal does not depend on specific hardware features

“We are grateful to De Novo for the support and cloud services provided. Our work results allow system deployment in any up-to-date IT environment. We come out for transparent bidding and equal conditions for all the participants, that’s why we ensure ProZorro independency of specific hardware products”, Andrey Kucherenko, ProZorro project coordinator notes.

“De Novo Cloud usage for development of transparent purchasing system is an excellent example of smart approach to IT tasks the government authorities choose. Reformation processes in Ukraine should base on effective IT infrastructures and the cloud computing leaves no alternative”, De Novo CEO Maxim Ageyev explains.

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