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De Novo builds new data center for Credit Agricole Bank

The project started when IT department of PJSC Credit Agricole Bank decided to leverage the experience of De Novo team, creators of the nation’s largest commercial datacenter compliant with Tier-III requirements of TIA-942 standard. The project’s goal was to create datacenter which would be a part of the Bank’s two-site architecture and thus minimize risks associated with failures of IT systems. De Novo experts used their vast industry experience to design, build, test and launch a reliable corporate datacenter that would fit the customer’s strict requirements.

“High availability and fault tolerance of IT services are essential requirements to banks’ IT systems”, Sergey Protsenko, Director of PJSC Credit Agricole Bank IT department, comments on project’s features. “The fault-tolerant IT infrastructure allows us to meet the expectations of our customers, who are entrusting their funds and businesses only to the most reliable and stable financial institutions. That is why we entrusted the construction of our datacenter to De Novo, a company which created one of the most reliable datacenters in the country”.

In order to confirm the high level of reliability before the commissioning, the new datacenter has undergone a Shake Down methodology stress testing, De Novo’s know-how. This testing includes verification of engineering infrastructure functionality under maximum load. The work of heavy-loaded racks is imitated by special devices designed by De Novo, so the stress load task is solved without the risk of damaging the expensive ‘real thing’ equipment. As the result of such stress testing datacenter owner becomes aware of the exact maximum load the datacenter is capable of sustain in real life, and gets effective emergency regulations.

“The datacenter building project for PJSC Credit Agricole Bank allowed our team to utilize unique experience accumulated during the construction of our own datacenter”, explains Maxim Ageyev, CEO of De Novo. “We were happy to implement this large-scale project, truly interesting one from a professional standpoint”.

During the construction of PJSC Credit Agricole Bank datacenter De Novo used the equipment from class-leading manufacturers, such as Emerson, Schneider Electric, FG Wilson, and TE Connectivity.

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