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De Novo and Metinvest Holding launched IT project unprecedented in Ukraine

The private cloud provides a platform for SAP centralized system automating business processes in all the company divisions.  The project key features are exceptional scale and disaster tolerance of infrastructure as well as x86 architecture while RISC systems are typical for similar complexes.

Experts from De Novo and Metinvest Holding were the first in Ukraine to engineer a private cloud of such size. Distributed three-site architecture ensures high availability of cloud IT services under local and regional disasters.  Two sites operate in-sync; the third one is 150 km away and runs in asynchronous mode. 1300 IntelE5/E7 cores, 20 000 GB RAM, operating and mass storage of 400 TB and 1 400 TB respectively prove the unprecedented scale of the software and hardware suite. All the project stages took about 12 months.

“Smooth cooperation between professionals from Metinvest Holding and De Novo provided us with balanced and effective solution that joins performance and reliability required for centralized business critical systems while keeping remarkable economical advantages of the project, –  notes Sergey Galagan, CIO of Metinvest HoldingToday De Novo team is the only IT company in Ukraine being expert and competent enough for the project of such scale and complexity”.

“It’s the concept of cloud computing and total virtualization that both enables us to achieve targeted values of performance, disaster tolerance and flexibility and simplifies platform operation procedures as well as cuts costs several fold due to high utilization of resources”, – says Gennadiy Karpov, CTO of De Novo.

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