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A laboratory for innovative bank

The successful banking performance is ensured by applying innovations for the development of new high quality banking solutions. At the same time INDEX BANK also applies contemporary information technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of key business processes. Management of bank IT department made up a decision to set up laboratory facilities that would enable to accelerate the development and implementation of new solutions and systems and enhance corresponding systems quality. Among all other competitors De Novo was selected to develop corresponding solution due to the fact that company has the best expertise and provide services on the most favorable financial conditions.

 Project Objectives

The main task assigned to the project team was to accelerate the development and implementation processes of the new IT service in the bank with a simultaneous quality improvement. In most cases a limiting factor in resolving corresponding task is the low rate of response to dynamic requirements on creating environment for new services development and testing. Certain limitations are also imposed by high costs of the required IT infrastructure and its maintenance, implementation of the organization shared access for large teams of developers. In addition to this corresponding environment is expensive in terms of hardware and software system applied and would be no more required after the project implementation. Although for other projects that are likely to be implemented at the enterprise in the future different combination of hardware and software may be required.

 Ukrainian enterprises apply different solutions resolve corresponding situations: some give up testing and others test the solution on production IT infrastructure. Both options imply significant and often even underestimated risks, including those related to unsuccessful installation of fixes and software updates on production systems.

 Innovation testing environment

 As single solution to all the tasks specified above De Novo team provided the bank with its own test lab that applies virtualization technology and VMware specialized products for virtual IT labs implementation – VMware vCenter Lab Manager. De Novo at the time already had a relevant experience: a similar complex has been created for their own company needs and applied for personnel training experts, as well as for future systems integration in complex infrastructure projects. In order to meet the bank requirements the project team conducted a study to gather all the requirements specification for corresponding complex development. It was decided to implement effective change management on the basis of processes in described in the ITIL.

 Project Results

 Designed and developed according to De Novo corporate methodology virtual testing laboratory is introduced in a private cloud, in which the IT-department can create models of almost any part of the IT landscape of the bank. During project implementation De Novo experts provided bank specialist with the appropriate documentations and competences that will enable them to simulate certain testing condition independently and evaluate the impact of new software components on services performance.

The significant fact is that bank uses backup data center resources that are underloaded in general mode as the hardware platform for virtual IT labs. If corresponding need arises to move the main IT services load to the reserve banking data center hardware, the resources used by the laboratory in these cases are available for other productive systems. In order to automate this scenario, De Novo experts developed a specialized procedure that was added to the bank data center main disaster recovery scenarios. This enabled the efficient use of hardware investments and minimizes the costs to purchase equipment required to create test environment.

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