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Odes’ka Regional State Administration

In order to cut operating costs a lot of companies apply third parties’ services that cover necessary processes being out of business core competence. I believe the government entities requiring an optimization, too. They have to focus on the core functions and delegate IT-maintenance to the outsourcing professionals. The times of stores, restaurants and health resorts owned by public entities have gone very long ago. In terms of cost-efficiency it’s easier to acquire such items from professional providers. And it’s relevant for IT, too. Why hire monster IT-departments and maintain server premises, cooling equipment, reserve power supply and firefighting systems if we can involve specialized suppliers and save budget costs. In my opinion there’s no municipal administration requiring own server rooms. Even the largest banks and enterprises entrust their data to the clouds. Cloud services not only save money but also improve IT quality. Cloud providers upgrade software and hardware and improve staff qualifications within their business routine while government bodies can’t keep up. That’s why I’m sure that the future of national data storage and service lies in the clouds.


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