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What is De Novo Commercial Cloud

With De Novo Cloud services you get dedicated virtual private cloud, along with the complete package of IT infrastructure services and tools to build your own adaptable, agile, cost-efficient and always up-to-date and up-to-task IT infrastructure.

  • CPU, core memory and storage of various classes
  • Wide range of solutions for cloud infrastructure management
  • Comprehensive administrator console for dedicated resource administration

De Novo Cloud is designed according to Trusted Cloud concept, which means:

  • Multilevel security protection
  • Implementation of custom code and data protection solutions
  • All the security tools used in mature corporate infrastructures are also used in De Novo Cloud

Explore the future IT infrastructure

De Novo Commercial Cloud offers enterprise-class cloud services within IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service) and provides you with computing resources for:

  • Test and development environment
  • Productive IT-services
  • Backup data center
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud storage for archives and backup copies

De Novo Cloud computing infrastructure brings you:

  • Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Low maintenance (which is performed by the Datacenter maintenance team without any interruptions in service).
  • Advanced scalability.
  • Ability to rapidly change the volume of allocated resources on demand.
  • Operating environment management automation.

De Novo cloud services are provided for corporate customers according to IaaS-model (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). When compared to other IaaS providers, including the world-leading ones, De Novo can stand its ground due to high reliability, professional technical support, availability guarantees as well as resources complying with Complex Data Protection Systems  standards. De Novo is financially responsible for the availability guarantees as of your SLA (Service Level Agreement). De Novo cloud services are ahead of the curve with the availability guarantees, technical support quality, the security toolkit applied as well as Trusted Cloud concept.

Cloud Datacenter

Cloud Datacenter is a virtual datacenter which can be managed and fine-tuned as if it was your own infrastructure. The combination of characteristics and possible usage patterns makes Cloud Datacenter similar to a private cloud, thus it can be viewed as a virtual private cloud.

Varied in backup policy and SLA terms, service classes allow for optimal choice for any business needs – EXPRESS (Express / Silver), ENTERPRISE (Silver / Gold / Platinum), TURBO (Turbo-Silver / Gold).

With De Novo Cloud Datacenter (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS) you’re leveraging all the benefits of the cloud-based IT model:

  • High performance. Critical for high-load applications deployment.
  • Failure tolerance. Hardware failure tolerance is implemented at the Cloud Operating System level (a layer of virtualization and automation). All the software and redundant hardware components needed to provide failure tolerance are incorporated in the De Novo hyper-cloud architecture.
  • Elasticity and configuration fine tuning. Cloud Datacenter is configured according to your tasks and the amount of available resources can be quickly increased or decreased when necessary.
  • Zero maintenance time. Cloud Datacenter does not require a stop for routine maintenance.
  • No learning curve. Cloud Datacenter does not require IT staff to be experts in server hardware.
  • All inclusive. The cost of Cloud Datacenter already includes all of the operational expenditures (installation, use of datacenter engineering systems, electricity, network equipment ports and KVM ports, routine maintenance costs).
  • High availability, timeliness and cost effectiveness. Cloud Datacenter can be used only when there is a need. Service configuration takes only a few hours. Whether resources and power need to be here now, or they have served their purpose, just buy more or don’t buy any more, that simple.

G-Cloud: A Cloud with IISS Compliance Certificate

G-Cloud is a physically isolated segment of De Novo Cloud, certified for compliance with the requirements of the Complex Data Protection Systems  (CDPS).

In comparison with the Cloud for the commercial sector (H-Cloud), G-Cloud is subject to restrictions applied by CDPS (in particular, the use of certified crypto-tools to protect technological information when working with the Cloud operations portal, vCloud Director).

The G-Cloud’s technology stack, usage models, service catalog and price bracket are mostly the same as those of the H-Cloud except for specific services such as ZVID (Secure Internet Access Node) and access to special communication networks of the state-owned Ukrainian Special Systems.

G-Cloud is the best choice when dealing with resources subject to regulatory information security requirements.

Cloud Storage (vStorage)

vStorage is a virtual disk array designed to store large amounts of information with a predominantly sequential access profile – archives, media files, backup copies, installation images.

Get full control over cloud storage, define how the resources are allocated in the network drives, and export them using iSCSI (block access) or NFS / CIFS (file access) protocols.

De Novo Cloud Storage key benefits:

  • Enterprise-class storage. Cloud Storage is a virtual instance of a high-level data storage that contains hundreds of physical disks and a redundant cache controller with a large amount of memory.
  • Multiple times the performance when compared to a physical disk. The peak performance of a cloud disk is dozens of times higher than that of a physical disk.
  • Failure tolerance. Cloud disks are protected from hardware failures using enterprise-class RAID-DP failure tolerance technologies that ensure data integrity and availability even in case of simultaneous failure of two disks. Physical resources used by De Novo Cloud Storage do not have non-redundant points of failure (SPoF).
  • Variation in usage models. The disks set up within Cloud Storage can be mounted to virtual machines in the cloud datacenter, as well as to virtual or physical servers located in user’s own data center. Both access protocols (block (iSCSI) and file (CIFS / NFS) are supported.

S3/swift Object Storage

Object storage is another way (in addition to block and file storage) of storing and accessing data. One of the first widely used implementations of object storage is S3 from Amazon Web Services.

Access to the stored objects is realized using HTTP protocol (usually via Internet, although there are no restrictions on the use of dedicated channels). Characteristic of this protocol are large additional costs for establishing a connection, which lead to increase in latency. For this reason, object storage is inefficient as an operational storage for transactional systems, but is ideally suited for storing large volumes of static content.

De Novo Cloud Object Storage is implemented using Openstack Swift technology. De Novo Cloud Object Storage key benefits are:

 Primary usage model. Cloud backup repository and archive storage for popular backup and restore systems (for example, CommVault Simpana, HP Data Protector, Veritas NetBackup and others).

  • Low cost. Two times cheaper than vStorage, there’s no charge for traffic and IOPS.
  • High durability and reliability of storage. There are no unspecified points of failure, redundancy of disks is no less than N+2.
  • Simple and secure connection. Standard HTTPS is used – just specify the account data from the provider.
  • Network proximity and availability. It’s the main advantage over foreign providers. With a backup volume exceeding 5 TB, the bandwidth and reliability of the communication channels quickly become critical.

Backup and Restore (Backup as a Service)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) allows to protect the data from logical destruction caused by human errors, application software malfunctions or incorrect updates. BaaS is designed for transparent backup and recovery of virtual machines located in your cloud.

Technologically, the service is based on the CommVault Simpana and Veeam Backup & Replication software, integrated directly into the operating system of the Cloud.

  • Full transparency. All backup and restore operations are performed at the operating system level of the Cloud. There is no need to stop the application environment for backup, installation of the agents on the protected virtual machines, or deployment of the service-duty virtual machines in your cloud.
  • Ease of use. Each virtual machine gets protected when created and is automatically removed from the backup list when deleted, so there’s no need to change the life cycle management procedures for virtual machines.
  • Complete solution. If you’re using De Novo BaaS, you don’t need a separate backup repository. All copies are stored on a disk array that is physically independent of the primary storage.

Cloud Repository (Veeam Cloud Repository)

Veeam Backup & Replication is a popular backup and restore software for vSphere and Hyper-V virtual infrastructures. The Veeam Cloud Repository service allows Veeam Backup & Replication user to place backup copy directly in the Cloud, ensuring data integrity even in the event of a complete inoperability of user’s its own data center.

Furthermore, the backup copy of the application environment stored in the Cloud can be quickly deployed directly in the Cloud. It makes this service a simple and effective Disaster Recovery solution. In this case, the need to pay for the resources of the Cloud is there only when deploying a copy of the application environment, i.e. in case of a large-scale accident. This feature makes this solution extremely interesting from the financial standpoint, as during normal operation the charge is applied only for Veeam Cloud Repository service, but not for the Cloud resources used to house the redundant application environment.

Disaster Recovery (Veeam Cloud Disaster Recovery)

The Cloud can be a full-fledged replacement to your own backup data center as a countermeasure against local and regional disasters.

The Veeam Cloud Disaster Recovery (VCDR) service is designed to store replicas of virtual machines in the Cloud with the ability to fully or partially activate the protected application environment in the Cloud. This service is implemented using Veeam Cloud Connect technology, which is a part of Veeam Backup & Replication solution.

Available directly from the Cloud, the VCDR portal allows the user to initiate the activation of the application environment in the Cloud, even if the user’s own data center is completely inaccessible. There is also a possibility of periodic nondestructive testing of activation scenarios without any impact on the productive environment or interruption of data replication.