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Managed Backup Service

New cloud solution by De Novo Managed Backup Service is of your interest, if you are concerned about data protection against intentional or occasional users’ actions as well as similar human factors and investments into the specialized software are inappropriate for you.

Managed Backup Service provides an easy and prompt solution to protect your data against logical destruction and erasure.

Managed Backup Service ensures:

  • cost-effective functional backup system with zero capital expense and project risks;
  • avoidance of costly IT stuff recruiting;
  • prompt implementation.

Entrusting resource consuming backup procedures and guidelines of your critical data to De Novo you acquire guaranteed backup recovery.

With Managed Backup Service you get the following features:

  • SLA guarantees:
    1. Service availability – 99.9% backup recovery;
    2. Recovery points – backups are created in accordance with the RPO requirements;
    3. Technical support service availability – 24x7x365;
    4. Response time of technical support – within 1 hour;
  • Available IT-resources. The backup system requires computing resources and storage, within the service you can exploit your existing technical assets or apply De Novo equipment / resources for the backup deployment and the storage of backups.
  • Agreed data protection parameters. When connecting to the Managed Backup Service, you define the requirements for the backup system (the frequency of creation and the storage depth for the backup copies). De Novo experts check those for the feasibility / appropriateness, adjust, coordinate and provide the service according to the parameters agreed.
  • Delegation of the recovery rights. We guarantee the availability of backup copies and the recovery in accordance with the requirements set. Successful recovery often requires knowledge of the applications you use. Therefore, we delegate the data recovery rights to your application administrators.

Why De Novo Managed Backup?

Service availability guarantees:

  • De Novo offer 99.9% availability guarantees for the service;
  • We are financially responsible for the SLA.


  • You can change the amount of the resources consumed at any time and connect new objects to the system or disconnect the irrelevant ones.

No risks:

  • In contrast to your own backup system, capital expenses, project risks and irretrievable losses are absent.

Enterprise-class security:

  • Connection to the service is provided only with a secure VPN channel;
  • The backup management server is hosted in De Novo Cloud which is designed in accordance with the Trusted Cloud concept and enjoys the maximal protection against external threats;
  • The data protected remains within the perimeter of your corporate network.

Enterprise-class backup system:

We use Commvault Simpana solutions (the leader in Gartner’s Data Center Backup and Recovery Software) and provide:

  • Support for a wide range of protected objects (virtual environments, applications);
  • Flexible management of backup and recovery tasks;
  • The ability to delegate the data recovery rights to application administrators;

Request detailed information about Managed Backup Service today!

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