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IT Strategy

A strategy is a kind of a route to the goal having been set. You have decided on your global goal and understood where you are going to evolve from the business perspective, you have shaped your business strategy and now you have to put it into practice. For the corresponding purpose, there are some functional strategies directed towards activity of different branches such as marketing, HR, IT, etc. Their main goal is to ensure the main business strategy implementation.

There are two basic units distinguished: the first one refers to the IT services and business applications, the second one refers to infrastructure. IT services are both an end product of the information system and automation and business processes improvement tools. Demands for business applications must be defined considering the business strategy chosen as well as competitive advantages (e.g. efficient production, regional expansion, etc.). However, IT services and business applications must exist in specific environment. This environment is called IT infrastructure and the second unit of the IT strategy aims precisely to the corresponding infrastructure formation. Setting the demands of services, applications and infrastructure is the first step for IT strategy developing. But besides the end point of your aim, you also need a starting point. The key element for defining this point is awareness of present-day IT system, the resources are used, risks that might be taken for business. Then, using different techniques, gaps analyzing in particular, we are making a path.

Connecting two points on the map is the easiest way to do that. However the practical value of the trajectory path might be only when every single bend of the road, halt, and stop at gas station is defined; these are specific projects, deadlines, budget limits and specific purposes and tasks having been set. That is an effective strategy performing a program of the mutually connected projects which influence on each other in some way.

A peculiarity of the De Novo approach in IT strategy forming is the objective to achieve the maximum practical value. We do not create the documents that are going to be hidden to the safe by the investors forgotten till the time of the next meeting. The strategy we have developed is beneficial to the corporation’s IT service itself; the strategy shows a clear way to move forward in the next several years. In the meantime the necessity and usefulness of such movements becomes apparent to the top management. We map out the routes following which you will never get lost.

Transformation Assessment & Roadmap

De Novo offers project planning and development of the complex infrastructures or individual subsystems.
On the first phase of the project realization we evaluate the needs in each of these types of resources based on the current utilization, manufacturer’s recommendations (hardware and software) and the scalability requirements. Then, together with the customer we develop the concept of decision, carry out the resources sizing procedures and prepare the preliminary project draft. Finally, a components specification of future system is developed.

The next step is the development of the working draft — step by step procedures of the integrated complex development. On the last phase, in accordance with previously specified procedures and solutions, we build the system and introduce it for the commercial use. At the same time we finish a project with not just delivering the existing infrastructure to the customer, but being assured that the implementation of our solutions are on-stream and accomplish business objectives. As a result, the client receives the integrated, manageable and easy scalable platform based on the cutting edge and efficient technologies, and a full set of instruction manuals that enable effective product management and further development

Storage Development Strategy

Storage Development Strategy service package enables to implement data storage infrastructure upgrade at the minimum cost and risk, with the maximum positive effect achieved. The service combines the expertise of dozens successfully implemented projects, professional tools, analysis and planning methodologies that are not available for target consumer.

Storage Development Strategy key objectives are the following:

  • define data storage infrastructure optimization/modernization approaches based on current business needs and development strategies;
  • define functional (performance, capacity and technological capabilities) and non-functional (fault tolerance, scalability) requirements of target data storage system.

De Novo specialists provide corresponding services:

  • perform SAN resources audit and define integration parameters with system business applications;
  • define configuration settings for target storage system that will meet the predefined load parameters;
  • classify data according to data storage resources requirements and load parameters;
  • assess the effectiveness of applied resources;
  • analyze system compliance with current and perspective (considering future system development) business needs.
  • define data storage infrastructure optimization/modernization approaches and technological concept of solution implementation;
  • define functional and non-functional (fault tolerance, scalability) requirements of target data storage system.

Storage Development Strategy service deliverables include:

  • structured source data (provided in electronic format);
  • summary report that includes data analysis, described approaches for system modernization/optimization, target data storage system functional and non-functional requirements;
  • workshop aimed to present and discuss the results of conducted audit (workshop documentation is available in electronic form);
  • training for customer IT personnel on data storage best practices and implementation approaches aimed to meet business objectives.