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Data center consulting

De Novo DC Consulting product line is designed for the effective risk management of data center construction and maintenance. De Novo DC Expert line is developed based on the vast experience gained during the De Novo data center construction and maintenance, which is currently the largest Ukrainian commercial data center in Ukraine that meet TIER III international standard TIA-942 level of reliability. Particularly these products are focused on companies that are constructing or using their own data centers with the IT-load over 100 KW.

Data center life-cycle risk peaks

Data center life-cycle risk peaks

Currently De Novo DC Expert solution contains following products:

  • Conceptual Design,
  • Project Feasibility Study,
  • DC Shake Down ,
  • DC Health Check,
  • Managing Company

Managing Company

Managing Company is provided by professional De Novo project group representing your interests and guiding all the works related with DC design, construction and putting it into operation

Within Managing Company by De Novo you get following services

  • Project management and integration functions – overall project management processes focused on achieving target project objectives.
  • Develop design assignment and management committee approval, schematic design (contractors involved ). Namely, these specific project phases define target facility specification (in compliance with Customer business objectives), as well as detailed project budget and timeline to be approved by the Customer.
  • Participate in tendering processes administration according to approved budget – define procurement units (components and services), tender requirements development (RFP), tender applicants pre-qualification, defining evaluation criteria. Conduct tendering procedures according to Customer standards in order to ensure competition transparency.
  • Supervise sub-contractors, perform architectural and technical control at installation and commissioning project stages, acceptance of completed work.
  • Manage the process of passing state Authority Having Jurisdiction, AHJ (design documentation, labor safety, fire safety, etc), AHJ acceptance and procedure of obtaining operation permit.
  • Data center stress testing under full load, define and eliminate (contractors involved) system defects, launch data center into production.

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Conceptual Design

Conceptual Designing is the first and the most important stage in DC creation process. The DC is brought to life within the design drafts at this stage.  Conceptual Designing identifies power density, financial resources and building terms as well as technologies needed for DC operation.

The key points of Conceptual Design are Technological Concept, financial model of the DC as well as managerial and operational ones.

Project Feasibility Study

De Novo Project Feasibility Study is a package solution that includes independent expert assessment of data center construction project feasibility conducted by De Novo experts. Within the solution there are also provided recommendations on adjustments to be made prior to a major investment are implemented.

Project feasibility study is conduction according to the following criterion: data center predefined capacity compliance with the actual business requirements, consistency, efficiency and technical solutions compliance with hardware specification.

De Novo experts summarize the obtained evaluation results to provide design solution modifications in the terms of CAPEX, OPEX and project risks optimization. Key technical solutions are also validated by means of thermal simulation (CFD analysis).

According to DC Point of no return project results the customer is provided with set of documents on study results and detailed description of system optimization solution.

DC Point of no return product is developed based on experts vast experience gained during the De Novo Data Center construction and maintenance. At an affordable price corresponding products ensure significant elimination of project risks, data center construction and further maintenance costs optimization.

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DC Shake Down

DC Shake Down – is a set of stress testing procedures and IT systems emergency regulations. Corresponding testing is aimed to ensure that data center is fully functional and ready to be released into production. Conducting corresponding testing is considered a common practice at mature markets; however till 2011 stress testing has been neglected in data center of Ukraine. DC Shake Down solution in particular can identify and eliminate most design and construction inaccuracy and even detect the equipment defects.

Testing is conducted by means of special equipment and simulate data center load to reach a predefined maximum. Simultaneously with load increase De Novo experts monitor the performance of IT systems, key nodes and connections. DC Shake Down solution also includes an emergency and transitional processes simulation, data center subsystems dynamic stability study.

The key objective of the DC Shake down testing is to define emergency regulations efficiency and check data center maintenance personnel performance in stress environment. According to stress testing results the customer is provided a detailed report describing system defects and bottlenecks as well as troubleshooting guidance.

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DC Health Check

DC Health Check is a certain procedure that should be executed every 1, 5-2 years. This procedure is aimed to maintain operational risks at a manageable level and ensures efficient administration of data center further development and maintenance.


DC Health Check solution includes the set of corresponding services implemented by De Novo experts with the experience in data center construction and maintenance:

  • Data Center IT infrastructure and maintenance processes evaluation aimed to identify key operational risks;
  • Develop a set of ‘hot fix resolutions’ aimed to eliminate identified risks;
  • Implement best practices for data center maintenance optimization;
  • Provide guidelines on further data center development in compliance with current and future business needs.

According to DC Health Check project results the customer is provided with the corresponding documentation on data center checking results and detailed guidelines on identifies risks elimination.

As an additional benefit, DC Health Check implementation enables the customer to substantiate data center further development.
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