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Service packages

De Novo service packages are effective solutions supposed that your task doesn’t involve large-scale project.  De Novo service packages are specified by the clearly defined scope, fixed program and duration, a specific, predetermined the result.

De Novo service packages include VMWare ones and packages developed by De Novo.

De Novo service packages

  • SAN HealthCheck
  • Pilot projects
  • Storage Progress Planning

SAN HealthCheck

Any minor bottlenecks may limit overall effectiveness of the system. It is impossible to resolve system failures prior to defining areas of improvement and required upgrades. SAN HealthCheck professional services package provide corresponding tools that enable to identify storage infrastructure problems in advance and define reasonable direction of its development in medium-term perspective.

Pilot projects

Pilot projects differ greatly from the Jumpstart package services and other complete De Novo products. Pilot projects are implemented in case if the customer has already chosen a specific vendor technology, acquires deep knowledge on the applied technology and wants to confirm the applicability of corresponding technology for specific business tasks resolution.

De Novo offeres corresponding pilot projects on workplace virtualization based on VMWare View and Citrix XenDesktop technology. In contrast to the Jumpstart services provided with a fixed, predetermined program, pilot projects are implemented based on the existing customer services and the main project objective is business value realization. Particularly the project main task is provide virtual workplaces for the certain limited range of business users ( e.g. bank office staff or group of users in an enterprise etc.) that will intensify daily tasks performance.

The project supports a specific service to defined business user’s profile via customized set of tests. The tests results are customized to the common and virtual workplace after complex implementation. Particularly User Acceptance Testing provides an objective technology applicability assessment for the specific customer operating conditions. According to the corresponding test results there could me made a decision on complex project implementation that would cover customer workplaces complete infrastructure.
Project implementation time frame is defined according to the following main parameters: number of workplace to be virtualized, user characteristics, number of applications to be virtualized. Depending corresponding parameters value the duration of the pilot project implementation can vary from two weeks to six weeks.

Storage Progress Planning

Storage Progress Planning service package enables to implement data storage infrastructure upgrade at the minimum cost and risk, with the maximum positive effect achieved. Storage Progress Planning service combines the expertise of dozens successfully implemented projects, professional tools, analysis and planning methodologies that are not available for target consumer.

VMware service packages

In 2009 De Novo was announced a certified parent and authorized consultant of VMware — the global leader in virtualization infrastructure platform development. De Novo gained access to unique methodology and vendor documentation of the company that regulates the provided package services in virtual infrastructures construction.

VMware Virtualization Assessment

De Novo experts within the VMware Assessment service package investigate customer server infrastructure in order to determine optimization facilities, access optimization efficiency of the VMWare technology implementation, define project economic and technological effect. Automated data collection tool VMWare Capacity Planner is applied to conduct environment analysis. The tool enables to conduct computing resources inventory and reclamation, create server infrastructure optimization scenario via server consolidation and virtualization.

VMware Jumpstart

Jumpstart package provides effective solution to customers that already own required infrastructure and wish to introduce a variety of vendor technology to its employees based on the existing infrastructure. De Novo experts offer short-term projects (that usually take up to 5 working days) that are implemented based on previously customized VMware service platform, included in the purchased package that provide customer with the performance and maintenance competence. As the project delivery includes installed operating infrastructure that provides vendor with the best practices, staff training on system customization, functional peculiarities and maintenance.

VMware Health Check

De Novo experts within the VMWare Health Check package provide services on investigation of existing customer virtual infrastructure in order to assist the maintenance team to intensify the performance and meet vendor regulations and best practices. Corresponding analysis also ensures system security level, provide means to prevent and minimize disaster and failure risks caused by common errors in virtual infrastructure current configuration and maintenance methods.

Within the corresponding project specialized tools are applied to extract data from the installed, configured and deployed infrastructure; also data verification on more than 200 configuration parameters is accomplished