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New Generation

Clouds in Ukraine and Germany

for applied business-critical 

applications with a high load

New Generation

Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud

NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud are a brand new generation of De Novo clouds for complex applied landscapes and business-critical applications that deal with a high load. The up-to-date latest generation of processors, large virtual machines, seamless migration with minimal downtime up to 10 minutes.

Cloud platforms of the new generation NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud are designed to meet the challenges at the enterprise level and deploy business-critical applications. They provide equal technological capabilities and are located in different places. Accordingly, NG-Cloud cloud is deployed in its own data center De Novo and the EU-Cloud is deployed in the world's leading Equinix and Telehouse data centers (Frankfurt, Germany), which customers can use to place data outside Ukraine and be serviced by a national provider at the same time.

NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud have the highest partnership status VMware Cloud Verified. This is proof that they are built on a complete VMware Cloud Infrastructure stack and provide customers with a wide range of features and all the newest benefits of cloud infrastructure.

The NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud platforms are components of the single De Novo cloud ecosystem and are compatible with other IaaS services. Due to this, when placing data in the NG-Cloud cloud and its European analog EU-Cloud, customers can enjoy and access a wide range of services. Bearing the specific needs of each customer in mind, you can use them to carry out a successful migration, make sure that the IT infrastructure operates without a hitch, or build a geographically divided infrastructure.

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Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud

Find out what NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud cloud platform are capable of

The architecture is what makes an important difference between NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud and other De Novo IaaS services. The new Cloud platforms are built using Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) based on hyper-converged architecture that utilizes the latest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable Gold and Platinum processors. Thanks to this, you can solve even the most complex tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, namely:
Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Create large virtual machines

32 vCPU 2.4 GHz 512 GB vRAM and larger

Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Use All Flash virtual disks that provide high and stable performance

Tier AF/BF - 20K/5K IOPS and faster (100% random, 32K block size, 70/30% r/w, <3 ms)

Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Transfer data even faster via 10G virtual networks with a latency of <100 µs.
Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Arrange network routing using advanced Edge Gateway functionality

dynamic routing, SSL VPN, L2 VPN, logging

Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Make sure that your data transmission is secure using advanced network functions and security functions

Distributed Logical Router (DLR), Distributed Firewall (DFW), trunk interfaces.

Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
Manage all resources via the latest vCloud Director 9.1.



Large virtual machines

High-performance enterprise-class drives All Flash.

VMware SDDC Hyper-Converged Architecture.

Compatibility with all De Novo services: migration, backup, and Disaster Recovery.

Надійність та безпека
Reliability and security

99.95 percent accessibility

NG-Cloud is deployed in a shielded De Novo data center module (Tier 3).

EU-Cloud is deployed in Equinix and Telehouse data center (Germany).

Certificate ISO 27001.

Економічна вигода
Economic benefit

De Novo cloud platforms are up to 30% cheaper than their foreign versions are.

What you are going to have to pay for is the scope of resources previously approved by the Customer.

Індивідуальний підхід
Individual approach

Technical support 24/7 in three languages. Cloud lab to simulate problem situations and find ways to respond to them.



NG-Cloud and its foreign version EU-Cloud are components of the De Novo cloud ecosystem, which is capable of solving almost any problem a customer may come across. For example, your high-performance infrastructure is located in De Novo Cloud in Ukraine, but you want to have a backup site abroad. Then, using Geo BaaS tools, you can relocate backups placed in De Novo Cloud to EU-Cloud in Europe.


NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud platforms are specially developed to place high-load applications, high-performance services, bookkeeping and accounting systems, enterprise information portals, ERP, CRM, databases, etc., as well as external web services.


The new generation NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud are designed in such a way that supports almost all De Novo services. For example, you have your own ground infrastructure, but you want a backup site placed in the Cloud, which allows you to use the Disaster recovery tool and restore your work in NG-Cloud or EU-Cloud if need be.


Our Customers

Credit Agricole Bank
Amadeus Ukraine
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Piraeus Bank
TBC Bank of Georgia
"New Line"
ABBYY Ukraine
Insurance company "UNICIA"
Insurance company AXA
Metinvest Holding Company
Medstar Solyushens
Lviv City Council
Oxi Taksi
State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Ukrspirt"
Universal Bank
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Odessa Regional State Administration
Network of refueling complexes "BRSM-Nafta"

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