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Specialized platform for 

hosting SAP HANA DBMS 

from a certified SAP provider


Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA

The HANA-Cloud platform is specifically designed to host HANA databases and SAP applications, as well as any other high-loaded business-critical applications. Reliability and compliance with SAP requirements is certified by the SAP.

The platform for hosting productive copies of the SAP HANA DBMS should be necessarily comply with the SAP requirements for the architecture and the equipment used, which is the entry point for access to SAP technical support regarding the operation and performance of SAP HANA. The De Novo cloud platform HANA-Cloud is fully complies with these requirements and is built on the basis of SAP certified A-brand equipment - server systems with the latest Intel Scalable Platinum processors and high-performance data storage systems with All Flash technology. The platform architecture is fully complying with the SAP Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) model. 

In addition to using SAP-certified equipment, we passed a full-scale audit of operational processes and became the first and only SAP-certified provider in Ukraine - SAP Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations.

As part of the audit were checked the operational processes of the cloud platform and technical user support, the operator’s internal information systems, the state and security level of the data center De Novo. Now, using HANA-Cloud of De Novo, you can achieve not only substantial savings on computer equipment, but also get a platform with proven reliability and performance from an SAP certified provider De Novo.

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Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA

Why is HANA-Cloud a great solution for hosting loaded production landscapes?

The HANA-Cloud platform is specifically designed to host HANA databases and SAP applications, as well as any other high-loaded business-critical applications. Due to this, you can solve even the most difficult tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible:
Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Create ultra-large virtual machines.

The latest Intel Scalable Platinum processors: 112 vCPU 2.5GHz, 1500 GB vRAM.

Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Make sure that your data transmission is secure using advanced network functions.

Distributed Logical Router (DLR), Distributed Firewall (DFW), trunk interfaces.

Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Host the SAP HANA DBMS on the SAP certified cloud platform and fully save SAP technical support.
Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Deploying high-loaded business-critical applications

Platform performance has been verified by Hardware Configuration Check Tool (HWCCT) - test results are 2 to 6 times higher than SAP requirements.

Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Transfer large amounts of data as quickly as possible

through 10G virtual networks with less than 100 µs latency.

Certified cloud platform for SAP HANA
Use All Flash virtual disks with high and stable performance:

80K IOPS, less than 1 ms latency.


Надійність та безпека
Reliability and safety

Hardware complies with SAP requirements for hosting HANA databases.

De Novo - Certified SAP Provider. Link to certificate.

Financial responsibility for breach of SLA up to 12 monthly payments.

Економічна вигода
Economic benefit

No need to buy expensive equipment that comply the requirements of SAP.

De Novo cloud platforms are up to 30% cheaper than their foreign analogues.

Monitoring tool Cloud Vision allows you to manage resources in the cloud rationally.

Індивідуальний підхід
Individual approach

24/7 technical support in tree languages.

De Novo Cloud lab allows to simulate problem situations and solve the problem before it appears. 

Technological effectiveness

Enterprise-class data storage systems with All Flash technology.

The possibility to create virtual machines up to 1.5 TB RAM.

The latest Intel Scalable Platinum processors.

40G network.

Models of using


The cloud platform HANA-Cloud allows you to create virtual machines with a configuration of 112 vCPU, 1500 GB vRAM, All Flash Disks 80K IOPS, which is especially important for deploying high-performance copies of the HANA DBMS in the cloud. 

You can start, stop and scale a VM in minutes, use exactly the right amount of resources and reduce costs. Local deployment of SAP HANA does not allow achieving such possibilities.


Creating and maintenance of your own IT infrastructure to host high-loaded applications requires the use of expensive equipment and mature operational processes and high competence of employees. All three components are very expensive and difficult to implement.

The cloud platform De Novo HANA-Cloud is a technologically advanced and economically attractive alternative.


Our Customers

Credit Agricole Bank
Amadeus Ukraine
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Piraeus Bank
TBC Bank of Georgia
"New Line"
ABBYY Ukraine
Insurance company "UNICIA"
Insurance company AXA
Metinvest Holding Company
Medstar Solyushens
Lviv City Council
Oxi Taksi
State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Ukrspirt"
Universal Bank
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Odessa Regional State Administration
Network of refueling complexes "BRSM-Nafta"

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