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Ukraine’s largest cloud that uses a Trusted Cloud model

H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure

A H cloud-Cloud built on the Trusted Cloud model. It is not public and not visible from the Internet. Access resource is only possible if multi-level identification.

H-Cloud for enterprise infrastructures makes it possible to build a high-quality and reliable IT infrastructure that meets business needs here and now, without having to bear capital layout or lose time. Expansion or refusal of excess in the cloud takes a few hours. Whatever capacity your business needs, you always get exactly as much as you need, and pay only for what you really use.

As of January 1, 2018, the De Novo cloud is the largest cloud in Ukraine, having a margin as huge as 4,000 vCPU (10 THz), 15 TB vRAM and 1 PB vHDD + vStorage and enjoying a steady growth. According to the 2017 IDC Ukraine survey, De Novo ranks third in the cloud operator trust rating on the Ukrainian market, being second only to two global giants.

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H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure

Resources H-Cloud provides

Cloud H Cloud here De Novo provides for corporate customers computing resources on demand, from where the client creates a private cloud it infrastructure or, in other words, the cloud data center.

Cloud datacenter is a set of resources for creating different application landscapes as a set virtual machines are combined in a required logical architecture.

The list of available resources includes
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
Computer processor power with a 1GHz selection step
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
RAM with a 1Gb selection step
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
Drive space, including All Flash drives
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
External and internal virtual networks
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
Universal network devices, including Edge Gateway
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
vCloud Director administrator portal to control a dedicated resource
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure


Надійність та безпека
Reliability and safety

-> 99.95% availability and accessibility
-> Financial liability for SLA violations up to 6 monthly payments.
-> Fault tolerance is implemented at the hardware level.
-> The cloud is located in the shielded De Novo data center module (Tier 3).
-> ISO 27001 Certificate.


-> Support of large virtual machines.
-> All Flash enterprise-class resources.
-> The customers’ network data center equipment can be directly installed in the network perimeter of the De Novo data center.

Економічна вигода
Economic benefits

-> H-Cloud costs 30% less than the foreign analogs do.
-> Predictability. Only the scope of resources that the customer pre-approves should be paid.
-> Cloud costs are easily and safely registered in the accounting report.
-> Discussed contract and SLA are subject to the local legal environment.

Індивідуальний підхід
Individual approach

-> 24/7 technical support in three languages.
-> A customer's DSS can be connected to the cloud to have large volumes of data migrating.
-> The cloud laboratory to simulate difficult situations and identify ways to solve them.

What you can do

Productive infrastructure
Hybrid Cloud That Includes an Elastic Buffer
The Cloud as a Backup Data Center
Development and Testing Environment
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure

H-Cloud creates all the conditions for hosting productive services, accounting and accounting systems, enterprise portals, ERP, CRM, databases and more, as well as internal web services. In addition, services that are completely isolated from the Internet can be developed to achieve maximum security for the data being processed and stored.

H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure

You can connect to H-Cloud using the channels of many Ukrainian operators, in order to organize a "stretched VLAN" in such a way that the consumer cannot figure out whether the services are in their own data center or in the cloud. This makes it possible to use the cloud as an elastic buffer when additional required resources are ordered only for the period when they are required, for example, to make a quarterly report or when there is a maximum inflow of visitors.

H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure

Only large companies can afford more than one data center, but the risks of a disaster on a separate object are not going to disappear. H-Cloud that has a dedicated channel to the customer is ideal for solving this problem. It stands to mention that in H-Cloud, there are tariffs designed specifically for this special purpose, in order to significantly reduce the cost of making the solution work.

H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure

Thanks to its flexibility and no capital layouts to bear, H-Cloud is great for testing and development. There are configuration management plugins such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Terraform for the H-Cloud management interface (VMWare vCloud Director). There are also SDKs for most popular programming languages. Accordingly, the deploying of new configurations in H-Cloud can be computerized.

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