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The Cloud That Has

Compliance Certificate on Integrated Information Protection System


G-Cloud for Government

G-Cloud is a physically isolated cloud segment that is certified to meet the requirements of the Integrated Information Protection System.

The technology stack, usage patterns, service catalog, and price list of G-Cloud are basically similar to H-Cloud, (cross-reference to H-Cloud) except for specific services such as the secure site and access to special communication networks of Ukrainian Special Systems State-owned Enterprise

G-Cloud has additional limitations related to compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Information Protection System (in particular, the use of certified cryptographic means to protect technological information when you are working with the vCloud Director cloud-operating portal).

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G-Cloud for Government

Resources That G-Cloud Has to Offer

The cloud-based G-cloud service is developed to meet the needs of enterprises that need the Certificate on the Integrated Information Protection System to operate their systems or Internet access through a secure site. Connection to the operating portal can be made through a tunnel that is encrypted using protocols that meet the requirements of the Government Standard.

G-Cloud Resources Certified for the Integrated Information Protection System:
G-Cloud for Government
Module screened from electromagnetic radiation
G-Cloud for Government
Secure site
G-Cloud for Government
Operational portal, virtualization, and hardware
G-Cloud for Government


Надійність і безпека
Reliability and safety

-> 99.95% availability and accessibility 

-> Fault tolerance implemented in the hardware

-> Deployed in a separate shielded module.

-> Integrated Information Protection System Certificate, ISO 27001 Certificate


-> Support of large virtual machines.

-> Connection to a secure site.

Економічна вигода
Economic benefit

-> Fixed prices in hryvnias.

-> The total cost of ownership is up to 30% lower than the cost of equipment you have purchased.

-> Budget friendly and predictable.

Індивідуальний підхід
Individual approach

-> 24/7 technical support in three languages.

-> Cloud laboratory to simulate difficult situations and identify ways to solve them.


Productive Infrastructure
The Cloud as a Backup Data Center
Development and Testing Environment
G-Cloud for Government

Comprehensive cloud-based information security systems that employ the Trusted Cloud model are by no means inferior to the Integrated Information Protection System based on the classical solutions that the customer's site uses.

Therefore, when we launched G-Cloud, we sought to minimize the entry threshold for such solutions. As a result, if you order our service, you will get 4 ready-made components for building an integrated information security system.

You will also take advantage of its flexibility and scalability, depending on your needs

G-Cloud for Government

Get your information system equipped with the requisite disaster recovery level and you will still have the opportunity to obtain a certificate on Integrated Information Protection System.

When you place a backup site in the G-Cloud, you will get all the required backup and replication options, making it possible for you to build an integrated information security system.

G-Cloud for Government

The development of an information system, which must have a compliance certificate on the integrated information security system, immediately in the cloud is an opportunity for you to understand more deeply the demand for computing resources and technologies to draw up a technical requirement for the integrated information security system.

Our Customers

Credit Agricole Bank
Amadeus Ukraine
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Piraeus Bank
TBC Bank of Georgia
"New Line"
ABBYY Ukraine
Insurance company "UNICIA"
Insurance company AXA
Metinvest Holding Company
Medstar Solyushens
Lviv City Council
Oxi Taksi
State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Ukrspirt"
Universal Bank
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Odessa Regional State Administration
Network of refueling complexes "BRSM-Nafta"

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