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Сloud Vision

Monitoring and analyzing the work of the applied landscape in the cloud

Сloud Vision

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Cloud Vision is a assessing tool for the utilization and optimization of ordered sets of resources in the cloud, finding out the causes of abnormal behavior of virtual machines (VM) and optimizing their configuration, as well as early alert about potential problems.

The Cloud Vision service is developed using VMware vRealize Operations Manager - a corporate-class monitoring system that is closely integrated with the Cloud operating system.

The service allows to evaluate the status of the applicable landscape at different detail levels and within different time intervals, providing both an overview and a profound analysis of the behavior of a particular object over a period that is of interest to you.

Cloud Vision is extremely useful for assessing the utilization and optimization of the ordered resource pool, identifying the causes of abnormal behavior of virtual machines, and optimizing their configuration, as well as for early warning of potential problems.

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Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Service features

Cloud Vision is a web portal where you can get acquainted with the current state of your infrastructure in the De Novo cloud, customize notifications, and also detail performance indicators for each virtual machine (VM).
Cloud infrastructure monitoring
Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Find out if your VM has any potential problems that may affect system performance in the future.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Watch the status of your VM and data centers.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Check if there are any ways to achieve higher efficiency of resource utilization of your VMs and data centers

Cloud infrastructure monitoring
Workload Deep Dive

Access to over 200 metrics of a specific VM for a deep understanding of its status.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

There is no need to constantly monitor the Cloud Vision interface; flexible message settings will tell you if something goes wrong

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

You can always see errors that are associated with all the VMs in your data center.


Звичні метрики
Familiar Metrics

Cloud Vision is based on VMware vRealize Operations Manager and provides you with the same metrics that you are used to seeing in your own vSphere infrastructure. Using familiar metrics greatly simplifies the troubleshooting process.

Сповіщення про стан вашої інфраструктури
Get notified about the status of your infrastructure

Thanks to flexible notification settings, you will always be informed about your infrastructure status. Consequently, you can respond to a change in the infrastructure status before annoyed users start making calls.

Побудова трендів розвитку системи
Structure of System Development Trends

As the system amasses a huge amount of data over a long time, it becomes possible to predict the future behavior of the infrastructure so that you can predict bottlenecks in the infrastructure, plan resources, and identify the atypical behavior.

Моніторинг з боку віртуальної інфраструктури
Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring

Unlike similar products, Cloud Vision makes it possible to evaluate the status of virtual machines directly from the virtual infrastructure, without having to grant access to a guest operating system



Due to the amassed information, Cloud Vision can be used as a tool for medium-term planning of resource consumption, as well as for generating reports to justify the need to order a specific amount of resources. Of course, you should keep in mind that the system knows nothing about the projects that you are about to plan.


Frequently, the reason why the system begins to slow down is obvious and immediately correctable. However, in some cases, the reason for the deviation may be a seemingly insignificant parameter. Using the Deep Dive tab, you can access all of the VM metrics, which are more than 200, as if you were using your own hardware.


After you have done simple notification setting, you can receive information about any changes in the status of the infrastructure that you are interested in, such as:

● available errors;

● the threshold load values for individual VMs exceeded;

● available anomalies (atypical behavior of VM).

Accordingly, you can monitor your infrastructure status without having to constantly be in front of a computer and keep a monitoring portal open.


Our Customers

Credit Agricole Bank
Amadeus Ukraine
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Piraeus Bank
TBC Bank of Georgia
"New Line"
ABBYY Ukraine
Insurance company "UNICIA"
Insurance company AXA
Metinvest Holding Company
Medstar Solyushens
Lviv City Council
Oxi Taksi
State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Ukrspirt"
Universal Bank
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Odessa Regional State Administration
Network of refueling complexes "BRSM-Nafta"

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