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Moving to the Cloud

without downtime

Migration to De Novo Cloud

The problem of migration may seem extremely complicated to system administrators who have never happened to handle transferring their productive services to the cloud. In fact, this is not the case, and in this section, we are going to describe the tools that you can use to get your infrastructure “moved” to De Novo H-Gloud or G-Cloud.

The migration of application landscapes between cloud and on-premise infrastructures is a common but not a simple job to do. The migration routine used most often is that you export VM images to OVF and upload them into the Cloud afterwards. The technique is versatile and therefore has a number of significant drawbacks:

 ● Numerous manual operations;

●  Additional storage space both on the source and on the target sites for the temporary storage of the ovf-template;

● Cold migration (a virtual machine should be turned off while the whole process is underway).

 For this reason, specific tools of warm migration, which match the type of infrastructure being migrated, a target site, and the volume of data, are gaining traction.

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Migration to De Novo Cloud

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OVF Tool
A simple command-line tool designed to transfer individual virtual machines.
An ancillary migration tool, which is a mobile network attached storage for transferring large volumes of data.
vCloud Extender
A free migration tool that facilitates automation to a high degree and makes warm migration happening
Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR)
Veeam Cloud Repository, which customers who use the backup system on their sites can employ
NCDR is a full-featured disaster recovery tool. For instance, this tool can also be used to facilitate migrating to the cloud.



Most migration services are provided free of charge.

 In general, the transfer of services to De Novo’s cloud does not require additional investments.

Інтеграція з vCenter
Integration with vCenter

When integrated with vCenter, you can operate the migration functionality via the vCenter Server interface. Moreover, in the future, the migration can be launched literally in a couple of clicks.

Швидка міграція великих об'ємів
Rapid Migration of Large Volumes

When the size of the infrastructure exceeds 10 TB, the migration through dedicated channels can take a long time. We provide the Databox service, which is capable of "transporting" such volumes of information in a couple of days.

“Тепла” міграція
Warm Migration

The warm migration process handles the data transfer without stopping the migrating virtual machine. It should be stopped for a short period only and at the time you specify.

Patterns that can be used

Transferring productive infrastructure to the cloud is one of the main migration tasks, which should take minimal downtime, with no loss suffered.

The vCloud Extender tool can successfully solve this problem, which facilitates transferring productive service data and switching to a cloud instance at any convenient time and makes the productive service operation uninterrupted. Moreover, the switching time is comparable to the time you need to start up the operating system.

100-1000 GB infrastructure data to be transferred through a 100 Mbps channel is quite a simple task. However, when it comes to dozens of terabytes and there is no dedicated channel, the migration will take an unreasonably long time.

To solve this problem, we offer you the DataBox service, which is a portable data storage system. The logistics provider delivers to the customer's site so that data can be uploaded to it, and then you can have it returned. Consequently, tens of terabytes of data can be migrated in a matter of days without having to build dedicated communication channels.

We strive to create services that produce a synergistic effect when used together. The combination of vCloud Extender and DataBox tools is no exception, which you can utilize to get large amounts of data migrated in a short time.

DataBox is capable of migrating not only individual objects of the file system, but also virtual machines entirely. They are the basis for data replication using the vCloud Extender service, which, when in a routine mode, transmits data over encrypted channels via the Internet. Therefore, regardless of the bandwidth of the channel, only small amounts are transferred.


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Other De Novo Useful Products

Хмара для корпоративних інфраструктур H-Cloud
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
The cloud that is based on the Trusted Cloud model for enterprise level tasks. A limited number of reliably identified users has access to the resource.
Хмара для державних структур G-Cloud
G-Cloud for Government
G-Cloud is a certified complex information security system that can be connected to a secure Internet access node.
Репозиторій резервних копій Veeam Cloud Repository
Veeam Cloud Repository
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OVF Tool


vCloud Extender

Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR)


OVF Tool

OVF Tool

It is a free command-line tool, designed to download OVF (Open Virtualization Format) templates to the cloud. Using the tool, you can download only small virtual servers, since the OVF Tool supports cold migration only (the virtual machine must be turned on while the entire migration process is underway). The tool’s simplicity is its main advantage.



This service solves the problem of transferring large volumes of data (up to 30 TB one-shot) without having to set up high-speed communication channels. DataBox is a portable portative NAS, delivered directly to the customer's site by the logistics operator. In order to get DataBox connected to the customer's infrastructure, it is equipped with 1/10G Ethernet ports. The list of supported protocols includes iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS. Data crypto protection is also supported. After the data is copied, the logistics operator returns DataBox to De Novo data center and the data is imported into the Cloud.

The main models for using DataBox are the following:

● Copying and/or exporting data from file storage and database servers to DataBox for subsequent loading and/or importing into the cloud-based application landscape.

● Using DataBox as a mobile backup repository of Veeam Backup & Replication with their subsequent restoration in the Cloud.

● Transfering virtual machine images (vmdk) to the Cloud and then using them as a replication target for NCDR and/or vCD Extender services.

vCloud Extender

vCloud Extender

vCloud Director Extender

The vCloud Director Extender is a free and convenient tool for migrating workloads from the VMware vSphere from "terrestrial" virtual infrastructure to the Cloud. This product has two specific particular qualities. This is to support warm migration and make sure that the bulk of data are copied without having to interrupt the main service, and only at the final stage, at any time you choose (at night, for example), the service must be stopped so that a small portion of the changes are copied and the migration is completed. It is also worth noting that vCloud Extender integrates with your vCenter infrastructure, and after the system is set up, you can migration in just a few clicks.

Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR)

Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR)

VCR is a Veeam cloud repository. Using a VCR, a primary full backup can be transferred to and deployed in the Cloud. Afterwards, the application landscape must be stopped, and an incremental copy must then be created and transferred to the Cloud to update the application landscape, deployed in the Cloud, using the primary copy. The VCR ensures that a warm Groundto Cloud migration is taking place, but not in the opposite direction. On top of all that, the Veeam Backup & Replication software must be available in the terrestrial infrastructure.



In addition to its main purpose, this service is used as an easy-to-use and efficient tool to make warm migration to the Cloud happening. It provides a migration window in mere minutes, even if application landscapes are of dozens of TBs large.

NCDR utilizes the vSphere Replication machine and requires that the Customer have a VMware virtual infrastructure. Replication can be carried out both via dedicated communication channels and via the Internet. When being transferred, the data is protected by SSL/TLS protocols. What makes NDCR special is full integration with the Cloud’s vCloud Director operating portal.

Similarly, vCloud Extender integrates with the vCenter Server and facilitates managing the migration, the familiar interface directly.